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I assume everyone's dissected the Friday night Penguins victory at length, but here are a few late points to add:
-I've been thinking about the name "The Steel City Line" (Evgeni Malkin, Ryan Malone, Petr Sykora), and I thought we could do better. So I'm proposing a new name, "The Russian Syklone". If I may explain: Russian=Malkin; SYK=Sykora; LONE=Malone. Yes? No?
-The Senators put a mural of the Pens shaking hands with the Sens after their first round elimination last season outside the visitor's locker room. Seriously, can you think of a dumber thing to do? Has a team ever provided bulletin board material as well as the bulletin board? And as Rob King wondered on the DVE morning show today, couldn't they have bought some wallpaper to cover it up?
-Game Three will be broadcast on Yahoo for those of you outside the Pittsburgh market
-Malone missed practice on Sunday but is expected to play tonight.
-Jason Spezza may be watching from the press box tonight. I'm sure Bryan Murray is thrilled at this development.
-The giant TV screens will also be up outside Mellon Arena tonight. Ever think the Steelers may copy that idea for playoff games?
--The Pirates are 6-6 after a three-game sweep of Cincinnati. Ahh, the hallowed ground of .500. The view sure is sweet from the...middle of the division.
--There's been a number of stories about the Pirates' new all-you-can-eat section, featuring unlimited hot dogs, burgers, nachos, pop, ice cream sandwiches, peanuts and salad. I love the quotes in each article from Frank Coonelly about how there have been no complaints about health implications, and how Coonelly cites the availability of salads as an option. Newsflash: anyone who buys a $40 all-you-can-eat ticket is not doing so for an endless supply of lettuce.
--My fantasy 1986 Pirates team is currently an amazing 70-72 and just five games behind the first-place-deadlocked New York Mets (managed by Baba Booey) and St. Louis Cardinals (managed by Deadspin's Will Leitch). Don't forget, you can play the game for free, but time is running out to sign up.
--The Pirate Parrot is up to no good, heckling Derrek Lee last week.
--There's a buzz about QB Greg Cross at Pitt's spring football scrimmages.
--Four more prospects visited the Steelers: Virginia G Branden Albert, WR Malcolm Kelly of Oklahoma, WR James Hardy of Indiana, and CB Charles Godfrey of Iowa. Kelly's had a bit of a "rough run" lately, to say the least.
--The Steelers are very interested in a player described as "Mr. Mean".
--Mike Tyson's Punch Out: THE MOVIE!
--Penn State OLB Sean Lee of Upper St. Clair will miss the 2008 season with a torn ACL.
--Is the Mike and Mike Show a daily ESPN infomercial?
--Bobby Reid: Mike Gundy's rant "basically ended my life"
--A couple guys go fishing 1.5 miles off shore and catch this in the water.
--I'll just quote the story: "A couple arguing about which gang their 4-year-old toddler should join caused a public disturbance that resulted in the father's arrest"
--Gisele Bundchen is on the verge of landing the female role in the next Austin Powers installment.


Unknown said...

"which gang my 4 yr old should join"???....what's the world coming to?

thanks for the hockey heads up on yahoo.

bohica said...

Does anyone know if you have to pay for the yahoo feed? I am at work and that yahoo site is blocked...

Anonymous said...

Big thanks for the Yahoo news.

On the issue of the Steelers placing huge LED screens outside of Heinz Field - the NFL won't allow it. There are very clear rules about teams not being permitted to promote out of home viewing. The NHL has no such issue - or TV viewing audience for that matter.

Mike & Mike has been terrible for years. I grew tired of them in 2003 when my patience with Greenberg finally expired. And, yes, they're one big ESPN informercial. Nice call, Mushnick.

And Charles Barkley as Bald Bull? C'mon, guy. Everyone knows that Bald Bull was from Istanbul, Turkey. Barkley is from Alabama.

RedHawks Hockey said...

in response to matt in tampa: the yahoo feed is free. they have been been broadcasting all the pens games that haven't been on versus (wednesdays game is online as well) which has been helpful for a college student away from pittsburgh. also, if you try to use a proxy server, you can get around most blocked pages. hope that helps and GO PENS

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I watched a Steeler away game in 2002 at Heinz Field on the jumbotron there. I got a free Amos Zeroue bobblehead for going too. It was like 6 bucks to get in. Honestly, it wasn't that great of an experience, I was just home visiting and wanted to see the inside of what was at the time our new stadium. It was also the game Tommy Maddox got paralyzed (temporarily).

ESPN is an informercial for ESPN. I still love how the minute the NHL left their network they did everything in their power to bury the league. You never heard jokes about the leagues relevancy or viewership when they still had a TV contract with ESPN did you?

expectingrain said...
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Unknown said...

Pirates v Dodgers turned out to be pretty damn exciting.

Fun Fact: Your Bucco's are 4th in the bigs in pushing baserunners across home plate. Then's April 14. Sure it's early, but at least I feel like there is a pulse. Oh, and the NL Central sucks...hope springs eternal.

Hello 7 game losing streak.