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--You may have noticed that little graphic on the right sidebar looking for your news tips. Rather than writing a new post each time we give away a prize, I'm just going to have a standing prize given out every Monday, with the first prize to be awarded on April 21. Everyone who sends in something suitable for The News is eligible to win. One person will be chosen at random for the prize.

But while I have you here, I'll tell you that this week's prize is a copy of Kenny Mayne's new book, An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport, compliments of Random House.

If you're interested in sponsoring a future contest, just drop me a line and let me know what type of prize you have to offer the fine Mondesi readers.

And readers, don't forget to send in your news!

--The Steelers are clearing turds off the draft board. Sounds like a messy job.

--The Steelers brought in RB Jonathan Stewart of Oregon, CB Orlando Scandrick of Boise State, and RB Chris Johnson of East Carolina for a look-see.

--The Dump Truck: NOT GUILTY, costing him any chance of being a Dallas Cowboy someday.

--Should the Pirates and their fans bury the hatchet with Barry Bonds? Well, it took Boston about 22 years and two World Series titles to welcome back Bill Buckner, so I'm going to say, "not yet".

--KDKA's Jory Rand joins the wonderful world of blogging with a Penguins playoff blog.

--Much like Adam LaRoche, Joe Paterno has decided that now is not the time to talk about a contract.

--If the class of 2005 was re-drafted, the Steelers would take DE Chris Canty. But that's not going to happen, so I guess this link is just a big waste of time.

--Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange walked off the show on Thursday after a nasty, expletive-filled altercation with his personal assistant Teddy. Audio here.

--Lauren Conrad's NHL blog is simply awesome. Or not.

--John Elway speaks out on the Jay Cutler/Brandon Marshall situation. Elway is pictured below. Cutler and Marshall are not.

--Emails reveal that gazillionaire Clay Bennett DID plan to move the Seattle Sonics after all. Wow, I never saw that one coming.

--A great season of South Park includes a recent shot at Bill Belichick:


Anonymous said...

A more appropriate book title:


As for Bonds, I can see it now"

"Bury the Hatchet Night - starring Barry Bonds. Brough to you by Giant Eagle."

bohica said...

For the love of God why are people like Lauren Conrad famous?

Sportscenter and ESPN as a whole are pretty much unwatchable. Any channel that allows Skip Bayless to constantly spew his nonsensical drivel is shunned in my house.

Hopefully Artie gets some help...dude is obviously depressed and this is everything built up inside of him that he laughs at on the mic but doesn't want to talk about with a doctor coming down on Teddy.

This trip to Amsterdam is pretty much the worst timing ever.

And if they bring that Ralph jerkoff in I am cancelling my subscription.

The Pens should use 100 Miles and Runnin by NWA as their goal song.

Anyone check out Sean Burnett's recent boxscores?

Unknown said...

LC blogging about hockey. She knows as much about hockey as she does about fashion. I am only impressed she is drinking a beer and not a smoothie.

Unknown said...

PS..loved the DUMP TRUCK comment and not being able to go to Dallas!!!!!!