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--Story of the day: golf-course brawl!
--Throwing a bone to bloggers, the Pirates signed Craig Wilson to a minor-league deal.
--Coming soon: the first-ever competitive eating video game. Experience the fu of the 4th of July in your own home!
--FSN wisely chooses Penguins over Pirates.
--Former Oregon QB Dennis Dixon visited with the Steelers in the hopes of becoming the next Brian St. Pierre.
--The Steelers also hosted a batch of other collegians, including Woodland Hills' Ryan Mundy and UCLA's Matthew Slater, son of former Ram Jackie Slater.
--In this week's installment of Penn State Legal News, WR Chris Bell was booted from the team after a Monday arrest for threatening a teammate during dinner.

--50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather throw a charity basketball game. And no, Mayweather did not get $20 million for his participation.

--DJ Gallo gives a hilarious look at Victor Conte's new book.
NFL's top 10 draft classes in league history (Yes, the Steelers are represented)

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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Best jersey I ever saw:
Brant Brown vintage Pirates jersey.

Why would you ever buy a Brant Brown Pirates jersey? This wasn't a game day give away either, the person who bought this had to have it custom made with B. Brown stitched on the back.