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Yep, Cowher is Moving...Two Miles Away

The great thing about internet rumors is that they can be put to bed as quickly as they are thrown to the masses. Such is the case with the "Bill Cowher to coach Penn State" nugget from this afternoon.
"Put that to rest", said Cowher to the PG's Ed Bouchette when asked about the speculation.
Cowher, who resigned as Steelers coach after the 2006 season and moved to Raleigh, said he and his wife, Kaye, are building a new house on a golf course two miles from their current one, which is for sale. He said they decided the house they bought in fall 2005 was too big for them and their youngest daughter and they will downsize.

"My for-sale sign went up after the last NFL job was filled to avoid speculation," Cowher said with a laugh.
Ahh, the old "my house is too big" dilemma. We've all been there.
So I guess that's the end of that. Another internet rumor put out of its misery, and in short order. My condolences to you Lion fans who briefly dreamt of Terrelle Pryor starring in the role of Kordell Stewart 2.0.


Unknown said...

Is Cowher dressed as a priest in that picture?

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