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Two ugly stories dominated Sunday's early news: a fight involving Terrelle Pryor's Jeannette Jayhawks following a PIAA playoff game and a report that Steelers LB and 2007 MVP James Harrison was arrested yesterday on charges that he assaulted his girlfriend in Ohio Township.
Jeannette won their Class AA quarterfinal against North Catholic at Hempfield HS, 86-60. Pryor turned in his usual spectacular performance, with 21 points, six rebounds, six assists, three blocks and three dunks.

Following the contest, there was a nasty brawl involving both teams outside the North Catholic locker room that required police intervention. Pryor was allegedly held back by Hempfield assistant Rob Stauffer, who was working security. North Catholic is saying that Jeannette started it by coming after them in a hallway after the game. Jeannette is saying North Catholic started it, alleging that a racial slur was used by a North Catholic player.
Regardless of who started it, there is no doubt that it was a tremendously ugly incident. The WPIAL will hold a hearing on Tuesday with all involved parties and there could be suspensions for both teams.
Don't forget, this is the second ugly incident for Jeannette in the last month, the last one being the near-riot that King Pryor nearly incited in a WPIAL playoff game against South Fayette.
What was said after that game?
From a Whitehall police officer to a Jeannette assistant: “You’re lucky we didn’t take your kid (Pryor) in,” the officer said. “He threatened to go into the crowd.”
For his sake, I hope Mr. Pryor can get his emotions under control before he enrolls at the next level. He'll surely have his share of trash-talking rivals based at the bare minimum on the schools he will inevitably have to turn down. If he goes to Penn State, I'm guessing that Ohio State and Michigan will not be pleased. If he goes to Ohio State, I'm once again guessing that Michigan and Penn State would not be too thrilled. You see where I'm going with this. More than one party is going to be unhappy. If Pryor truly is The Next Big Thing, he needs to work on this aspect of his game/personality, and fast.
Our second story takes us to Ohio Township, site of the Harrison news. According to the affadavit, Harrison's girlfriend was hiding behind a locked bedroom door at her residence. Harrison allegedly broke the door down, broke her cell phone in half, and hit her with an open hand to the face, knocking off her glasses. According to township police, her cheeks exhibited "red marks".
After leaving the house in a tan Hummer, Harrison was pulled over and taken back to the scene, where police said he corroborated what Ms. Tibbott had reported to authorities. Harrison was arraigned in Night Court and released on his own recognizance. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday at the Bellevue office of District Justice Tara Smith.
On the heels of the Cedrick Wilson news in January, the Steelers are off to a bad start in the "offseason police blotter" department. Let's hope this trend stops immediately.

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