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Steelers Waste Another Free Agent's Time

The Steelers' 2008 free agent parade has sure been exciting. Let's see...we've gone through the Hadnot guy, the Leave Britney Alone Guy, a Patriot, a special teamer from Green Bay, and a former Viking. I think it was Randy Moss. Or maybe it was Mewelde Moore. I often confuse the two.
On Tuesday, Chiefs OLB Keyaron Fox apparently had nothing better to do, so he paid a visit to Pittsburgh, a team with virtually no cap room. Although I doubt it would take much to sign a guy who couldn't win a starting job on a 4-12 team.

Fox, a 6'3", 235-pounder, is an American football player who currently plays linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, according to Wikipedia. That should put to rest any concerns you might've had that he was in fact a European football player. He started 35 games at Georgia Tech, was chosen in the 3rd round in the '04 draft, and has been living it up in the House That Christian Okoye Built ever since, to the tune of four starts in four years. And he's still on the open market more than a week after NFL teams tried to see who could foolishly spend the most money on marginal players. What's not to like?
As a Steeler, his primary objective would be a backup linebacker and tourniquet to stop the bleeding on our special teams unit. So he may be useful after all.
Best of luck to Mr. Fox in his attempt to get water from a dried-up well.

Free agent linebacker visits Steelers [PG]


getfreshdesigns said...

looks like they like him so much, they signed him.

Kirk Wojno said...

They signed him for pennies. You might even make more then him.

LeeTunnel said...

It looks ok. It's just, maybe they could have gotten another former KC linebacker to play special teams for the league minimum this year. Some guy named Kenny Bell or something.