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--ESPN ranks the top 20 receivers in the NFL, and the Steelers have two of them.
--A crowd shot with hockey action in the background is part of the new movie "She's out of My League," being filmed at the Mellon Arena. No, it's not a sequel to Sudden Death.
--The Cal U. Vulcans lost their Elite 8 game, 55-52, to Anchorage-Alaska, joining the legions of disappointed local college basketball programs.
--Could Troy Polamalu be forced to cut his hair?
--Here's the latest on the Booger McFarland saga.
--Why is this Clemson recruit holding a stack of cash?
--Duquesne's Shawn James may leave for the NBA.
--Have you seen the promos for the upcoming Bob Knight/Bill Parcells/Tony LaRussa ESPN Sunday Conversation?
--Is Ben Howland one of the best coaches yet to win a championship? Here's a strong argument.
--What the Sweet Sixteen coaches would do for a living if they weren't coaching hoops
--Rapper T.I. is facing up to 10 years in prision and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines stemming from a 2007 firearms arrest.
--Herb Peterson, the man who invented the Egg McMuffin, died at his Santa Barbara home on Tuesday at the age of 89.
--The first character in next summer's "G.I. Joe" film is revealed.
--A lottery winner who won $2.5 million goes back to work at McDonald's.

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