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The News: Afternoon Edition

A few quick links to wrap up the afternoon:
--Booger McFarland's agent says he's not a Steeler yet.
--Bob Smizik thinks it's time for Joe Paterno to agree to plan for a successor.
--Sidney will be back Thursday, and Ryan Whitney will stay at left wing.

--Former Pitt TE Kris Wilson emerges from the shadows of Tony Gonzalez and signs with the Eagles.
--13-year old Austin Lemieux teammate Nate Miller, who goes 6'3", 180, chooses hockey over hoops.

--Pittsburgh Slim has signed on for the movie "The Bleeding", co-starring DMX, Michael Madsen, Armand Assante and Vinnie Jones.
--Hillary Clinton visits the Trib...and slams Obama's minister during her visit.
--The Buccos sent 38-year-old reliever Hector Carrasco to their minor-league camp.
--The newly-opened SI archive has a great story about Howard Cosell by Myron Cope.
--In today's completely bizarre news, a geneology study shows that Barack Obama is a relative of Brad Pitt, and Hillary Clinton is related to Angelina Jolie.
--Justin Timberlake is going to host the ESPYs.
--It's a sad day in hoops, as Chris Webber retires.

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