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March Madness: America’s Top 10 Drunk College Foods

While you were finalizing your bracket picks, Endless Simmer carefully evaluated the tournament field to compile this list of the tournament’s Top 10 Colleges - ranked by the drunk food they have to offer their hungry, hungry students. Eat that, U.S. News and World Report.

The good news: Pitt comes in at #6, based on the monstrosity shown below, available at Fatheads (the South Side restaurant, not the Big Ben wall decoration).

March Madness: America’s Top 10 Drunk College Foods [Endless Simmer]


Anonymous said...

Not one of those foods looks appetizing except for the South Side Slope, and maybe the sub filled with fried foods -- the number one on the list looks like something my 5 year old brother would enjoy, not anyone readying themselves to graduate college. I almost threw up just looking at the picture.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I dunno.

That Fat Darell's thing from Rutgers does look pretty fucking awesome!

I might have to roll through there next time I'm in Jersey.

And that doughnut burger thing doesn't really look that bad honestly.

And, shocking fact here, despite being from Pittsburgh I don't really like pierogies. Crazy, I know.