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Coming to a Deadspin Near You: The 2008 Pirates Preview

Just wanted to make a little announcement: I was once again put in charge of the Pittsburgh Pirates' season preview for Although it's been wrapped up for a while, I was told that it will probably run this week. I spent a great deal of time putting this together, so I hope you enjoy it. Believe me, making the Pirates sound interesting is even more difficult than it sounds.
For those of you who are newer readers to the site, here are a few of my past Deadspin previews for the Pirates and Steelers. Surprisingly, most of the content/jokes actually seem to hold up over time. And if you're planning on reading all three, I'd block off at least the next hour. I usually don't get to write at length too often, but I'm totally irresponsible with word counts in these posts.
50 Reasons Why I Love the Steelers [2006 Steelers Preview]

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jar66su said...

what, no pittsburgh bulls? no riverhounds?