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Adam The Penn State Fan is Alive and Well

There are a handful of Pittsburghers who have gained some level of greater notoriety through the wonders of the internet and specifically this site. Penguins fan GwenJen comes to mind. And who could forget the great Ronnie Florian, my personal all-time favorite?

But one colorful character from the past seemed to have completely vanished into thin air. He was known as "Adam the Penn State Fan", he was a local high school kid, and he was best known for his blind praise of all things Penn State Nittany Lions in the Mondesi's House comment section.
Adam's partisan arguments would bait Pitt fans time and time again, and the next thing you knew, we would have a full-fledged comment war on our hands. Judging from the recent survey I conducted, I know many of you long for those days.
After visiting and commenting on the site with consistent regularity, suddenly there were no more Adam comments to be had. As hard as it was to admit for them, many of Adam's adversaries have written and wondered about his whereabouts. I'd compare it to the reaction of Steeler fans when the Browns left town; they were rivals, but they enjoyed the fight.
Well, today is a lucky day for those of you who wondered what happened to Adam. I'm happy to report that he is in fact alive and well. How do I know this? Well, another loyal Mondesi reader happened to email me this clip from a recent edition of the Sunday night KDKA/#1 Cochran Sports Showdown. Guess whose anti-Pitt email is read by Jory Rand at the 7:15 mark? That's right, Adam the Penn State Fan, who appears to have graduated to griping on television as opposed to blogs.
Rebuttle to Mondesi's House Penn State Article (Adam the Penn State fan's blog)
We Are!!!....Not Thrilled With That... (by Adam the Penn State Fan for


Sean said...

I was really worried that something really terrible happened to Adam, especially after Pryor chose Ohio State over Penn State. I'm glad to hear that he's still alive.

I guess it was possible that Adam was busy doing homework and studying for the SATs, but based on the clip, that may not be the case.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good knowledge that Adam went way over his monthy text messaging limit in September and had his computer privilages revoked shortly thereafter.

He was also sent to bed without dinner.

AJ said...

Last I heard from him, he offered to trade me Amani Toomer & Cedric Wilson for Marc Bulger & Plaxico Burress in the Mondesi's House fantasy football league before the first game of the season.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Good riddance. Adam sucked out loud. He bows to Joe Christ more than anyone I've ever seen.