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Super Bowl Ad Power Rankings

Well, they're not technically power rankings, but USA Today just dropped their 20th Annual Super Bowl Ad Meter results on the masses.

According to viewers, Budweiser's beer wagon team was the best ad and Doritos' music video for an online winner was the worst. Also ranked near the bottom:

The promo for the upcoming Iron Man movie

The "controversial" Danica Patrick ad

And those awful Salesgenie spots.

As usual, I thought the entire "Super Bowl ad" genre was wildly overhyped and overrated. If forced to pick a favorite (other than Big Ben's American Idol spot), I'd have to go with the NFL ad for Chester Pitts. I thought that was quasi-interesting.

20th Annual Super Bowl Ad Meter results [USA Today]


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I didnt see Big Ben's commercial for American Idol listed in that poll.

Did I miss it?

getfreshdesigns said...

uh...that budweiser commercial for the horse training sucked. every year they have a horse trying to make the budweiser wagon pulling team. I don't care, it was funny with the donkey.

Dorito's Mouse Commercial was my favorite.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

The best add was the Fed Ex add where the birds are going crazy