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Re: Message to Terrelle Pryor

The inevitable sequel to last week's embarrassing Penn State fan video to Terrelle Pryor has finally arrived. A Michigan fan has upped the ante, and you'll just have to see it to fully appreciate it.

For those of you too lazy to click a link, here's the PSU video again:


Anonymous said...

Losers. Both of them.

I feel foolish for having watched these videos.

And what's with the pony tail on the guy from PSU?

Unknown said...

Sorry Michigan, but if you want to advertise having that slimeball Rodriguez for your coach as a REASON for Pryor coming to your school, well I feel more sorry for you than the WVU fans for losing him (see I liked them having him).

What does it tell you about Rodriguez that he called Pryor BEFORE even telling his own team that he was leaving? It tells me that he could be one of the most egocentric men ever born. He didn't care about any of the young men he recruited and had been coaching. He didn't care about his university, his own alma mater, its' fans, or even his home state. All that he cared about was feathering his own nest. Just how low does Michigan set its' standards for a coach?

Terrelle: If you go and play for this low-life, then you're no better than him. He's already been exposed for what he is.

I'd tell you to go play for a good man, Coach Wannstedt, but you've already ruled Pitt out. So why not go to Oregon and get as far away from here as possible. I see you making a great Duck.

Unknown said...

so, let me get this Michigan logic right...

Losing to a superior team in the Natl Champ game = embarassed

Losing to Appalachian State, and being the first D-1 ranked school to lose to a D-1 AA school in history = not good, but not embarassed


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think it's starting to get a little wierd this whole people being obsessed with Pryor deal.

Go to Pitt's message board. Half the posts are about Pryor, and there's not even a chance in hell that he's going to Pitt. I can only imagine what the boards on OSU/Michigan/PSU/Oregon's sites look like.

It's almost a little bit creepy.