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Koz: Hossa Your Daddy?

by Koz

After listening to TSN all day, I was called into a 2:30 meeting at work. When I returned to my desk at 4:30, I had plenty of text messages waiting for me.

In some ways, the trade deadline went how I expected. The Pens picked up a fan favorite in the waiting, Hal Gill. Anyone who reminds the yinzers of Jack Lambert or some other Steelers linebacker is automatically overvalued in our city. Nonetheless, the Pens depth at physical defense has been addressed, but Gill isn't likely to make a huge difference either way.

Now for our featured presentation.


I love Colby Armstrong. His personality is refreshing and entertaining. His acting skills are beautifully atrocious.

That said, if Armstrong had the personality of Erik Christensen (which is meant with no offense), just about everyone would be on board with this. Like I mentioned a few weeks ago when the trade talks started swirling, you have to give to get. I was chatting with my mom about potential trades at the time and mentioned Christensen as expendable. His mercurial scoring prowess and shootout skill are enticing for trade bait. Armstrong's grit and streaky scoring outbursts also make him perfect for a deal, but his “fan favorite” status makes him seem untouchable to the Pens' loyal rooters.

As for Esposito and #1... how many young guys (and centers for that matter) can a team have? With there already being concerns about keeping 87, 71, and 11, where did we expect Esposito to fit. With the Pens looking to make a playoff run, the upcoming #1 pick is going to be late and therefore a player several years away from the NHL roster anyway.

Marian Hossa is the goal scorer we've always wished for Sidney Crosby. He's a point-per-game player for his career and could have a career year with the Pens if they sign him for future years.
This is a great deal. What are your concerns? I'll address them.

Erik Christensen is so awesome at the shootout! -- It's pathetic for a team with the top two players IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE to be concerned about a shootout specialist. While Sid and Geno could perform better, we also have Ruutu, Sykora, Staal, Letang... and oh yeah.... MARIAN FREAKIN' HOSSA who is 34.5% in his shootout career. Of course, shootouts don't come into play in the playoffs, but you already know that. I don't think shootout specialists can be ignored, but the team is well beyond deep in this area.

Colby Armstrong is Sid's best friend! - They are both professionals. While I'm sure it will be emotional for the Pens to lose Army, you have to give to get.

Armstrong is a good penalty killer/physical presence! - It looks like Therrien is giving some of the top guys a chance on the penalty kill. Staal, Malone, and Talbot are still three top penalty killers for the Pens, and it's not like the unit was on fire with Army anyway.

The Pens still have plenty of physical forwards with Malone, Laraque, and Roberts (if he can get over the dreaded H.A.S.).

We gave up too much! - When people say this, I assume you are referring to prospects and draft picks. The Penguins already have their top three centers who are college-aged young men. The Penguins are poised to win in the here and now. You can only have so many teenagers on your roster.

Who the hell is Pascal Dupuis? - Dupuis played with three different teams last year. But before that, he put up some decent numbers with Minnesota. He'll likely fill a third line spot. He can play on the roster now and will see some resurgence in his numbers now that he's in a better situation.

Marian Hossa sucked in the playoffs last year! - That's a bit of a small sample, don'tcha think? Most of the Penguins sucked in last year's playoffs too. In longer playoff runs with Ottawa, Hossa had 16 points in 18 games in 2003, and 10 points in 12 games in 2002. I'm not worried.

More trade reactions to come later, including perspectives on other moves in the Eastern Conference.


Reggie Dunlop said...

is she moving to pittsburgh too?

okel dokel said...

I like this deal. Even if he does not sign with the Pens in the off season there will be plenty of players wanting to come and play with Sid and Geno.

Chip said...

Uh, you kinda left out the most important question there in your post:

Will the Penguins be able to resign him after this season?

I know everybody's excited but let's be realistic for a second. We're renting this guy for 35 games and whatever we do in the playoffs.

If we win the Cup, great, I'll say good trade.

But anything less and if we don't resign him, then we gutted a decent part of our team and a huge hunk of the future for 35 fuckin' games. Nobody can tell me that is a good trade.

Koz said...

Chip, your concerns are legitimate, and I'm sorry for not commenting on it at the time, but there's really not much I could say.

After listening and reading through some more information, I do believe the Penguins must have a strong feeling they can resign him. Still, it is hard to speculate about that. We'll see.

Koz said...

Reactions from Atlanta...

"With playoff hopes dying again, Waddell did what he so often does — he dealt real players for magic beans and elixirs, with promises of a better tomorrow. Departing: Hossa and Pascal Dupuis. Arriving: a first-round pick, a top prospect (Angelo Esposito) and two other guys you’ve never heard of." -- Jeff Schultz, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

okel dokel said...

I think we completely overvalue Colby, Erik, Angelo and next year's draft picks.

Yes, if he does not sign it will be bad, but it is obvious they were going to have to do something to get Sid a legitimate scoring winger. Addtionally, having two scoring lines is a positive boon.

They are going to have to lay out capital to get someone next year and spend money to keep Geno and Jordan Staal in the future.

Unknown said...

Remember the season after the 91 Championship, we traded John Cullen, who at the time was Kevin Stevens' best friend. I wish I could remember how we fared in the playoffs that next year......