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--The Pitt Panthers used a 22-3 run to knock off Villanova, 69-57, at the Pete. Tyrell Biggs had 14 off the bench, Sam Young added 15, and D-Blair contributed 10 and 14.
--By the way, in way-too-early, extremely-rampant speculation, Sam Young will be joining Aaron Gray and the Chicago Bulls with the 39th pick in 2009, and Pitt will be a four seed in this year's tournament.

--Penguins 1, Thrashers 4 in Hotlanta. Not a pretty game for the Pens, in a contest that featured the pulling of Ty Conklin in the third period. Only a Ryan Whitney goal prevented the dreaded goose egg.
--Kris Beech, as a Capital: "Well, the worst uniform, the logo's pretty awful, I'd have to say the Pittsburgh Penguins."

--Have you heard about the $115 million soccer stadium that's being proposed for Philadelphia, with $45 million coming from the state? Hmmm...I wonder if they'll have to go through years of negotiations and jumping through hoops for this stadium, or is that just a Pittsburgh-specific problem?

--Hines Ward is one of four finalists for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. When, oh when, will someone finally pay attention to this man?

--Bad news from our friend The Duke: his beloved Duquesne fell to UMass, 94-80.

--Help the Wheeling Nailers shred Rich Rodriguez. Keep it up, WVU. And when Bill Stewart doesn't work out, watch the elite coaches line up to not coach there.

Which reminds me...WVU's current basketball coach...was he not under contract when they poached him away from Kansas State? How do you spell hypocrite?

--A putrid parent faked his kid’s cancer just so they’d get a visit from Steve Yzerman.

--Great news! Cincinnati picked up another one of the Palmer brothers to solidify the quarterback position on their sinking ship of a team.

--I'll just say this: Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo, and Sweet Child O' Mine. On video.

--For the truly bored, here's American Gladiator Power Rankings.

--New Blog Alert! In the author's words: "I am a transplanted yinzer in CT. I just started to write cause I need a new hobby besides eating nachos and drinking whiskey. Please check it out...."

You have me sold. Welcome We Suck Again to the blogosphere.

--Alycia Lane may be back on the air...with the WWE.

--Get your Pats 19-0 commemorative book now!

--Jennie Finch and Team USA will be coming to Robert Morris on May 1.

--There will be no Lingerie Bowl in 2008. D-list female celebrities everywhere are devastated.

--This page is simply titled, "another wvu player, another homo-erotic picture". Note that this is on a Marshall message board, so they obviously have no axe to grind.

--Here's some tall wide receivers for Big Ben to throw to.

--Missed the last few headlines from the PG's high school football section? Here's a recap. See if you can follow the theme:

High School Football
Pryor may push back college choice (01/30/2008)
Pryor pares down his list (01/29/2008)
Central star commits to Pitt (01/28/2008)
Pryor to be named Parade's top player (01/28/2008)

--Racism! Drug abuse! Sexual harassment! Radar revisits ESPN's most outrageous commentator gaffes
--Meet the farmer who lives in a hay castle


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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Tough night for Dukes fans last night.