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The News

--Could the next sports/entertainment Super Couple be Sidney Crosby and Eva Mendes?
--The Terrelle Pryor ESPN: The Mag article has the nation's #1 recruit pretty ticked off.
--Look, another preseason football poll has Pitt in the Top 25!
--Surprise! Bill Simmons has another article about Boston sports! This one debates the greatness of the '86 Celtics vs. the '07 Patriots. What, no '07 Celtics vs. '07 Patriots vs. '07 Sox?

--Have you heard about the American Gladiator that did gay porn?

--A Packer fan forces 7 year old son to wear a jersey by taping it to him. The worst part: it was a Mark Chmura jersey.
--Great video of hated Dukie Greg Paulus at his flopping best.

--Out of what orifice do SportsCenter anchors pull their catchphrases these days?

--From the "Headline Says It All" Department: Robbery Suspect Shoots Self In Genitals

Seven of the Most Notable Fictional Falls From Grace
And to close, an awesome commercial featuring everyone's favorite new Michigan football coach:


HotDog_Zanzabar said...

WOW! That commercial is awesome

getfreshdesigns said...

i seriously thought the "police officer" was going to go into a "dance".

See Days of Thunder

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wow, I LOVE local car dealership commercials.

Nick Crivelli needs to step up his game.

And I believe that we've just seen the most (only) attractive woman in West Virginia!

Segovia said...

I think this is the most intelligent woman in Pittsburgh:

bluedevilsfan said...

I love the Greg Paulus haters of this world. 9 times out of 10 they are the same people that hate Brady Quinn. Also, usually the same guys standing against the wall in a bar glaring hatefully at any guy that is talking to a woman.