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Catching Up with Dave Dameshek

As many of you remember, I became a somewhat-regular guest on Dave Dameshek's Sports Contraption show on 93.7 The Man Station last year. Unfortunately, The Man Station suffered yet another identity crisis, as 93.7 reverted back to its B-94 format on October 5. So instead of hearing Dave Dameshek or Scott Paulsen, you now get Chris Brown's "Kiss Kiss" once an hour (at least that's what I experienced in my sampling of the station a week ago).

That being the case, Dave moved on to greener pastures. And frankly, he's blowin' up. Or blowed up, as Emmitt would say.
Dave went on to score the job of afternoon drive-time on ESPN Radio 710 in Los Angeles, and things are going well. In fact, his podcasts were downloaded 84,000 times on, 4th among all ESPN podcasts. He's keeping busy with his buddy Bill Simmons, as well as hosting an on-air roast-0ff with the very talented Jeffrey Ross.
But recently, Dave had a conversation that he really thought you, the Mondesi's House faithful, would enjoy:

Last Wednesday, we had Lucky Luc Robitaille for almost an hour - during which time he and I fell very much in love. He couldn't have been a nicer fella. I think your readers would enjoy it because we debate 66 vs Gretzky, and I become quite angry with his response. I also sing a song about Jarkko Ruutu.
You can listen to the audio of the interview here.
Dave, a Pittsburgh native, has had a long and interesting showbiz/sports media career, one that's taken him from The Man Show to Crank Yankers to Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as stops as co-host on the Adam Corolla radio show and his 93.7 show. He's always been a strong supporter of Mondesi's House (as he is now turning on his L.A. listeners to it via his homepage), and a great fan of all things Pittsburgh. So check out his site and listen to a podcast or 10. It's certainly better than Kiss, Kiss.


Real McCoy said...

Glad to see Dave Dameshek doing well. I enjoyed his show, especially on nights when I couldn't take any more of the Pirates.

Cousin Brandon was an outstanding
curmudgeon and he is missed.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

From Pittsburgh's 93.7 to LA's ESPN drive time slot? Dave should be thanking the people at B-94 big time. Drivetime in LA on ESPN might be one of the biggest sports radio gigs in the country.

I'm happy to hear the people on the west coast are getting a taste of