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The News: Christmas Break Edition

--It's a true rarity to lead with a non-sports link, but 2007: Seven Things We Should Pretend Never Happened is simply fantastic.

--Great news! The Patriots PURSUIT OF PERFECTION is going to be televised on CBS and NBC! I'm sure the people who paid for the NFL Network package are thrilled!

--Jeffri Chadiha gives us his NFL MVPs, team by team. Unlike the Steelers players, he made the right choice in choosing Ben Roethlisberger.

--ANOTHER Penguin is out with a serious injury. This time it's Mark Eaton with the dreaded torn ACL.

--The Anthony Morelli Era is coming to an end. PSU fans, is 17-8 what you expected?

--Here's the complete college bowl schedule, with payouts. And as emailer Art pointed out, notice the $14 million difference between Kansas and Missouri. Looking back...that was kind of a big game they played a few weeks ago.

--The Marlins signed Jose Castillo, which more than likely means my final comparison of Castillo to Slowpoke Rodriguez. We'll miss both of you.

--G-Money says the SEC is better than the Big 10. And implies that Phil Fulmer enjoys a Krispy Kreme or 12.

--New blog alert! Reader Jules, just started Here's What I'm Saying, a site with the eclectic mix of Pittsburgh sports, celebrity gossip, and Jacksonville pieces.
--Warrick Dunn will be back next season. Whew! I can't speak for you, but I was losing sleep over that one.
--Remember Kendrell Bell? Nope, me neither. Apparently he used to play for the Steelers. And he's still collecting NFL paychecks. But those days may soon be coming to an end, says AOL.
--Santas are all over the ice at a Penguins-Rangers game. One slams a fan into the boards. Hilarity ensues.


Justin said...

let the warrick dunn - steelers trade rumors begin!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

In all fairness to Warrick, he's a good guy. He donates houses to single moms in Tampa and Atlanta every Christmas.

My sister's friend is one of those single moms, and my sister has met him at a couple banquets for his foundation in the last few years. By all accounts he's a nice quiet guy.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Anthony Morelli. 5 star recruit in H.S., Ron Powlus-like flop in college and apparently a bit of a cock on top of all that. Too bad the Panthers missed out on him (and Andrew Johnson, wherever he ended up).

How can the Steeler players name James Harrison as their team MVP? Solid player, but they're a 3-13 team without Large Ben making plays and running for his life every time he drops back.

No more Jose Castillo? Who will swing at pitches 2 feet outside of the strike zone and ground into double plays now?

P.O. said...

Andrew Johnson went to Miami and promptly tore his ACL... this year he sat out after transferring to Akron and has one year of eligibility left next year... good thing he didnt go to Pitt where he might have started as a freshman instead of riding the pine before tearing his ACL running scout team at "THE U"

tha friendly stranger said...

Its not morellis fault he suffered the curse of old balls joepa..... WHAMMY

And don't sweat it dirty we still have laroche to strike out and bay to ground into dp's with runners in scoring position (for now at least)

Sean said...

Based on the AOL story, I'm sure that I could now sell my Kendrell Bell Steelers jersey on eBay for at least $1000!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


I have one of those Kendrell Bell bobbleheads they gave away at Heinz Field when they'd show away games on the jumbotron back in 02.

I was sure that thing was gonna be worth a mint one day!

BTW, the other 7 Steeler bobbleheads given away that year: Kordell Stewart, Amos Zereoue, Chris Fu, Jason Gildon, Plax Burress, Hines Ward, and Jerome Bettis.

I wound up with them all through a friend of mine. There are exactly 3 that I am not humiliated to put on display in my apartment (Hines, Bus, and Gildon)!!

BTW, anyone else remember them showing away games on the jubotron at Heinz that year?

Anonymous said...

Save This Franchise: Pirates edition

You've probably seen this, but I'll put the link in anyway for the rest of your readers.

The truth is never the Christmas present we want, is it?

Oh well, there's always 5 years from now ... or perhaps 10 ... Tike Redman, where have you gone???

Anonymous said...

adam brown: