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Today's Obligatory James Harrison Video

Everyone remembers "The Slam", but lost in the shuffle of the ever-increasing James Harrison highlight file is this clip from Monday Night Football in 2005 vs. San Diego. Watch in awe as Harrison effortlessly leaps Ladainian "Yesterday's News" Tomlinson. And this brief clip is topped off by a nice cameo of Troy Polamalu, who sends Antonio Gates back to Kent State.

And for those of you unfortunate enough to miss Harrison's Monday Night Pro Bowl Selection Video, here is the official clip:

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PreciseContracting said...

if you want to see JAMES HARRISON 100 yard touch down and the punch that got him booted click or copy this link and look for the stealers logo 5:00 long clip WAS GOING TO GIVE UP RUNNING IF IT WASN'T FOR THE BUMP. FRAME SHOT 00:16 TO 00:17