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Your Obligatory Ticket Update - UPDATED AGAIN

I've received many an email since the story broke concerning 37,000 unpaid tickets in Pittsburgh and the pending arrest warrants of those who don't square up in the next 30 days. Many concerned citizens have taken the liberty of looking up local athletes on the county's website and alerting me to these prominent scofflaws. For all who need to know, here's the surprisingly brief up-to-the-minute list:

Antwaan Randle-El
Bob Palko (Tyler's dad)
Chris "The Unblockable" Gardocki
Chukky Okobi
Eugene Collier
Jason Gildon
Joey Porter
Larry Foote
Max Starks
Paul Coffey
Plaxico Burress
Rod Rutherford
Verron Haynes

Man, would I love to see the county's website stats from this project. Exactly how many Yinzers typed in "Bettis", "Cowher", or "Wannstedt" on their lunch hour? And what a novel fundraiser. The cash generated from this might be enough to fund the new Penguins arena.
UPDATE: A reader gives this info:
Just wanted to let you know that Paul Coffey's middle name is Douglas, and the guy on the county's website name is Paul A Coffey.

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Anonymous said...

I admit to typing in the following:


For the record, Bob Palko can park anywhere he damn well pleases.

So can his electric car.