Big Lead Sports Bar


This Looks Promising

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are cordially invited to

An Evening with Jeff Reed

Wolfendale's Bar

Indiana, PA

Thursday, October 18

Internet pictures undoubtedly available on Friday, October 19.

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This May Explain Jeff Reed's Season

Who Looks Like Skippy?

Recapping a Busy Day


Cotter said...

Jeff Reed's really building a name for himself huh? I wish I could parlay my love of beverages into free shit...if only I had legs like tree trunks and could kick a pigskin like nobody's business.

PS -- Anybody else see those pictures of Jeff Reed at the Steelers fashion show? (shameless, I know, sorry)

Chris said...

Reed is just gonna stand there and look cool the entire night. Then he's gonna leave with the 3 hottest girl's there. That's how he rolls.

Sean said...

I hope he's got a designated driver. I don't want to see Reed try to drive back from Indiana.