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--Congratulations to Zach, winner of the DJ Gallo/Sports Pickle signed book from last week's contest. New contest starts Monday!

--Meet the world's top collector of obscene baseball/trading cards. This is a must-read.

--On a similar note, check out this picture of an "enthused" Doc Rivers

--Everyone stare at Maria Sharapova!

--The Pirates are taking their time deciding on who the next manager will be. It's down to either Joe Torre or Tony LaRussa.

--Fresh off a great two-year stint in Pittsburgh, Jim Colborn's throwing his hat into the ring as a possible hire for the job of Mariners' pitching coach. Prepare for the decline of Felix Hernandez.

--It's the next round of J-Peezy vs. The Solider

--Look, a Raul Mondesi sighting (scroll down on the link a bit)

--Dump Davenport in a steaming pile of trouble

--An absolutely ridiculous (if true) story on SI's Rick Reilly

--Today in "Pile on Dave Wannstedt Week": Rizzo Sports examines Pitt's rankings against their recruiting class rankings.

--Marijuana advocates want Ricky Williams to be the next Denver Bronco. Hey, after they've signed Maurice Clarett and Travis Henry, anything's possible.

--Here's a vote for Madden Nation to secede from the union.

--Here's some JoePa-nomics courtesy of Black Shoe Diaries, via Adam the PSU fan

--How come nobody is picking the shortstop-crashing Diamondbacks to win?

--You can own a prison for just $4 million.

--One-time Yinzer Dennis Miller will soon be talking sports on Versus.

--The PG says a popular trend in the WPIAL is hosting team meals:

For dinner last Thursday, Mike Pihakis cooked 125 pounds of ribs, 80 pounds of chicken and 20 pounds of pasta with five gallons of meat sauce. He also made two big pans of corn and three pans of salad. Pihakis wasn't feeding an army -- just a high school football team. It was Pihakis' turn to cook the Thursday night dinner for the Canon-McMillan team. It has become a weekly tradition at that Washington County school.

I have a question...did that guy have to pay for all that food himself? And the answer...YES!!

The always-healthy training table combo of pizza, wings and Pepsi



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Adam said...

To address things earlier, I never attempted to marginalize the problems at my favorite university right now, and simply change the subject to Pitt. I believe they were 2 seperate posts.

#1 I don't think Joe is losing control of the locker room. There are no team revolts, and this team lacks the turnmoil within (at least from what I've seen and read) for the off field problems to carry to the field. Even in PSU circles, I get critisized for this, but the problems off the field are on the players. They've been taught better than this, and they make bad decsions. Make no mistake: There is a team leadership problem at Penn State and until its resolved, we arent going to win conf. titles. And the leadership has to come from the players.

#2 Piling on Pitt was done mainly for my own amusement, but, I can't let the "If PSU sucked in an Urban area, no one would want them either".

Thats bull. Even in those down years, thousands of PSU fans from the area drove the three hours anyway because the football program means so much to us. Its clear Pitt's fanbase lacks that loyalty. Don't blame the Pens, the Steelers, or anyone else for Pitt's problems. For me, and many PGH. area PSU fans, the Lions come first in good times and bad, no matter what the Pens or Steelers are doing.

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

I refuse to believe that couldn't find a picture of a Pittsburgh fan wearing a jersey. Seriously, how many Gregg Lloyd and Louis Lipps jerseys do you see on a typical Saturday morning stroll through the Strip District?