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--JoePa in a road rage incident? What the heck is going on these days at Penn State?
--Speaking of programs with problems, the Wannstache needs a win tonight on ESPN against Navy.
--The PG's Empty Netters has all you need to know about tonight's Canadiens-Pens game.
--Even with a high bid of $100,000 and priceless publicity all over the internet, Jerome Bettis' Ferrari failed to sell yet again.

--Pitt-Duke is a hot ticket in college hoops.
--Miami is retiring Large Benjamin's number. Not the Hurricanes or the Dolphins, that other Miami.
--One reader blames Pitt's losing on their offensive coordinator's pink attire.
--Beer pong is getting really big. And in Pittsburgh, of all places. I know, I'm surprised too.
--Undecided on a Presidential candidate? Just answer these 11 questions to see who matches up with your views.
--A 52-cent donut may cost a man 30 years to life. Yet O.J. walks free (for now).
--Jonny Fairplay ended up suing Danny Bonaduce over that awards show fight.
--The Next Big Thing: gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches


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Sean said...

Mmmmm...grilled cheese! I saw a show on the Food Network (I think) a few years ago that showed a New York City restaurant that only served different varities of grilled cheese sandwiches. Since this article is from the New York Times, I'm guess that the restarant is closed.