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--Big Ben read to kids at the Carnegie Library the other day. And no, he wasn't reading excerpts from Jerome Bettis' book.

--Ben's REALLY into reading. Even in California.

--Big Ben's lady friend, Missy Peregrym, is on the cover of "Infamous Magazine". You'll be glad to know that she's a Steeler fan. At least she was a Steeler fan, before Sunday's game.
--From the "Let's Never Mention This Again" File: the Steelers used to have male cheerleaders.
--Here's all you need to know about the Pirates in this year's MLB playoffs.
--93.7 The Zone, aka "Pittsburgh's Man Station", is changing formats...again. Gone are John Steigerwald, Dennis Miller, John Mcintire, Scott Paulsen, etc. Their replacements? 24/7 CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

--The Iron Sheik and Howard Stern's Killers of Comedy are coming to Pittsburgh.

--Check out No, it's not run by Dave Wannstedt.

--A competing GM on Frank Coonelly's claim that the Pirates will be winners next year: "If he thinks he's going to win next year, he's crazy."
--Pitt's Jason Pinkston joins numerous teammates on Wanny's rapidly-expanding "Out for the Season" list.

--Other NFL teams crap on the Bengals, and now pigeons are crapping on their fans.

--Anytime there's an internet poll that involves Mike and Mike, I have to link to it. It's blog law.

--Bloggers love to hate Bill Simmons. Here's today's example.
--Speaking of Simmons, he penned an article called, "Levels of Losing", inspired by the Mets' epic collapse.
--Our state shows its superiority, as we now can claim the world's record-breaking stone-skipper.

--Vegas Watch combines WPA and various fielding stats to determine who is deserving of the MVP award in each league.

--It's the new hit film, OJ's Eleven

--A 73-year-old man drove his '71 Jag into an abandoned house in York Twp.

--From Mondesi's House reader Justin:

As a normal Pittsburgh resident I wanted to check out some info on my High School Alma Mater (Gateway) and the football game tonight. I decided to check out the new, highly publicized, "High School Playbook" from Channel 4. I clicked on Gateway vs. Plum, and apparently they renamed the Gators the Panthers and moved them to Kissimmee, FL. Looks like a good night for a game though. Here's the link.
--Pittsburghers recently filled two of the three spots for David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks:


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Unknown said...

Did anyone else see the Pirates "season in review" montage at the end of their last game? I am not sure what the name of the song was that provided the backround music. But I do know it included such lines as "and even when your hope is gone, move along" and "When everything is wrong, we move along". You stay classy Pirates.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Pitt football is beginning to show signs of Pirate-esque futility.

I'm surprised that Mondesi hasn't touched on this yet, but I have gotten my fill of bitching about it over at Pitt Blather and by reading some comments on the Panthers Lair board.

And yes, I am aware that this post and this post alone will attract Adam back to Mondesi's House.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I think this site is decomposing daily

Anonymous said...

Jonny V can stuff it.

I hate Pitt.

Please....PLEASE don't bring back B-94 (the worst radio station in the history of radio stations).

CBS did the same thing here in NYC. They took longtime favorite 101.1 CBS-FM off the air in favor of one of those "we play EVERYTHING" channels, only to revive the old CBS-FM a few months later.

I think the world officially had enough Bubba the Goat Boy in the 80's and 90's. Please don't allow his return.