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--I enjoyed watching ads for Frank TV last night, with some playoff baseball mixed in. You have to give it up for Turner Sports, though. They pay to bring in the big ex-jocks. In hoops, you had Magic and Sir Charles, with an occasional appearance by Shaq after Miami was eliminated. And last night, we were treated to Cal Ripken and Frank Thomas. But someone should tell Frank to look up from his notes at least once per segment.
--Great micromanagement performance by Lou Piniella last night, pulling Carlos Zambrano after 85 pitches. He's saving him so he can watch game four on three days' rest.
--Rest in Peace, Hi-Tops. Nice touch giving some of the blame to the Pirates.
--Louis Lipps is My Homeboy thinks I should touch on Pitt's futility. So here goes. Much like Pitt fans, I'm tremendously disappointed in their performance so far. I was never a huge fan of Dave Wannstedt as a coach (however, as a recruiter, he could sell the proverbial ketchup popsicles to a person wearing white gloves), but I liked him more than Walt Harris.
Unfortunately, this team has a tremendous number of problems. First, I'll start with the season-ending injuries to Bill Stull, Derek Kinder, Gus Mustakas, Jason Pinkston, Chris Jacobson, and Dan Matha. That's a huge hole to dig out from, especially at the QB position, where they were vastly unprepared beyond Stull. With a competent QB, I think they win the Michigan State game.
Also, I've never been high on either one of their coordinators. How Rhoads still had a job after the record-shattering rushing performances put on Pitt in 2003 is beyond me.
Where do they go from here? Well, I think the Stache deserves one more year to turn it around, and if they're still getting blown out by UConn, then it's time for a change.
--Great link from ESPN: Week four winners and losers. My favorite:
Ben Roethlisberger versus Ken Whisenhunt:
"The Steelers quarterback and his former offensive coordinator, Ken Whisenhunt -- now the head coach in Arizona -- have a frosty relationship. Why exactly is unclear. Perhaps Roethlisberger feels Whisenhunt rode him too hard. Or, perhaps he suspects Whisenhunt was a Norman Bates type who liked to dress up as an old lady and ride around Pittsburgh trying to kill motorcyclists."
A few links to pass some time...
--Ben Howland signed a 7-year extension with UCLA. If there's any coach whose word I'll take to stay for seven more years, it's Ben Howland's.
--Bad news: the Steelers are no longer the NFL's most popular team.
--Yeah, the Rockies are a great story. But how does a Pirate fan enjoy October?
--Howard Stern interviewed Kimberly Bell, also known as Barry Bonds' mistress. The Big Lead has all of the juicy details.
--The tale of the tape: Michael Vick vs. Britney Spears
--Stop the presses! An athlete solicited the opinion of Dr. James Andrews!
--Sarah Jessica Parker is hot, hot, hot.
--From the "Headline says it all" department: Custody Battle Wages Over Severed Leg
--Here's the video of Danny Bonaduce slamming Jonny Fairplay at some reality TV awards show:



Dirty Sanchez said...

Jesus Christ is Sarah Jessica Parker ugly. I guess that's why I'm not a TV executive because if someone pitched a show to me about some horse-faced, potty-mouthed whore traipsing around NYC with her similarly unattractive friends, I probably would have rejected it. Which explains why I'm commenting on some blog during my lunch break and not sitting in a plush Manhattan office right now.

Jonny Fairplay - choose wisely next time you decide to thrust your 120 lb. bony ass on some unsuspecting dude.

Justin_B said...

You stay classy Hi-Tops

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

That poll has no way of telling diehard fans from some yuppie that claims to love football.

Because I don't think I've ever seen a throng of Colt fans at an away game. In fact, until they drafted Manning, I'd never even seen a Colts fan period.

And my favorite Danny Bonaduce quote, "I pop so many pills that I get full." CLASSIC moment in D-list celebrity fucked-upedness right there!