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The Breaking Point for Panther Fans?

From reader Brad comes this email on the state of the Pitt Panthers and their current perception among at least a portion of Panther Nation:
"Apparently Pitt students and alumni have reached some form of a breaking point with regards to the football program. With homecoming coming up this weekend, I know of a lot of kids I graduated with and are still going to school there planning on heading over to the North Shore. Here is where it gets interesting: not a single one has a ticket or any intention of getting one. That's right, people are coming back to Pittsburgh from as far as Phoenix (that I know anyway) to get drunk before 10 AM on a saturday morning with no plans to head into the game. Welcome to the Dave Wannstedt era! At least Walt Harris got them in the gate for a half before catching a bus back to Oakland to pass out. Scalpers may take even more of a hit on Pitt games than usual this weekend. (And for a frame of reference, there may be 25-35 thousand in attendance on Sat. That compares with the close-to-45 they got for the Rutgers game last year.) "
What say you, Panther fans? Have you already written off the Wannstache and his vision as a lost cause? Or does the young nucleus of Shady McCoy, Pat Bostick, et al., and the players returning from injuries give you hope for the future?


Anonymous said...

They are a disgrace.

I have a few friends from Chicago who refer to Wannsteadt as "Hurricane Dave" - as in....

Hurricane Dave blew into Chicago - and he ruined the Bears.

Hurricane Dave blew into Miami - and he ruined the Dolphins.

Hurricane Dave blew into Pittsburgh - and Pitt finds itself at the bottom of the Big East in Wanny's third season.

McCoy is the best RB we've had since Curtis Martin. Bostick, while he looks like a fool with his horrible delivery, is playing pretty well for a true freshman, and there are other examples of quality young talent on the team.

However, it will all be wasted under "Hurricane Dave."

Rogue said...

Like no one saw this coming...

Has this guy won while coaching ANY team? Naaah...