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The All-Time Stillers

The Steelers just announced their all-time team, a highly-anticipated event that will culminate in a gala next Sunday at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and at the Nov. 5 Monday night game against the Baltimore Ravens.
Unfortunately, the Steelers opted not for a 24-man team, but rather a 33-man team, thus eliminating any potential fun/debate that could have arisen. It's a death blow to sports talk radio, blogs, and message boards, which could've debated the merits of Player X vs. Player Y into the next millennium.
Personally, I would've gone with a full 53-man roster with practice squad rather than 33, a roster size that holds zero significance other than not offending any members of the Steeler family. Although I fear Kordell's feelings have already been hurt with his glaring omission.
But it's only an all-time team, after all. It's not something to get too upset about. So without further adieu, the Steelers' All-Time Team:

Terry Bradshaw - Quarterback (1970-83)
Jerome Bettis - Running Back (1996-05)
Rocky Bleier - Running Back (1968, 1970-80)
Franco Harris - Running Back (1972-83)
Bennie Cunningham - Tight End (1976-85)
Elbie Nickel - Tight End (1947-57)
John Stallworth - Wide Receiver (1974-87)
Lynn Swann - Wide Receiver (1974-82)
Hines Ward - Wide Receiver (1998-Present)
Larry Brown – Offensive Tackle (1971-84)
Dermontti Dawson – Center (1988-00)
Alan Faneca – Guard (1998-Present)
Tunch Ilkin – Offensive Tackle (1980-92)
Jon Kolb – Offensive Tackle (1969-81)
Mike Webster – Center (1974-88)

Joe Greene – Defensive Tackle (1969-81)
L.C. Greenwood – Defensive End (1969-81)
Casey Hampton – Nose Tackle (2001-Present)
Ernie Stautner – Defensive Tackle (1950-63)
Dwight White – Defensive End (1971-80)
Jack Ham – Outside Linebacker (1971-82)
Jack Lambert – Middle Linebacker (1974-84)
Greg Lloyd – Outside Linebacker (1988-97)
Joey Porter – Outside Linebacker (1999-2006)
Andy Russell – Outside Linebacker (1963, 1966-76)
Mel Blount – Cornerback (1970-83)
Jack Butler – Defensive Back (1951-59)
Carnell Lake – Safety (1989-98)
Troy Polamalu – Safety (2003-Present)
Donnie Shell – Safety (1974-87)
Rod Woodson – Cornerback (1987-96)
Gary Anderson – Kicker (1982-94)
Bobby Walden – Punter (1968-77)


Dirty Sanchez said...

What, no Louis Lipps?? Not too much to debate about here. As expected ,it's basically the starting lineups from the 70's teams with a sprinkling of players from other eras.

One thing it does make clear is that outside of the Steelers' legendary string of centers, there wasn't much to brag about regarding the OL for the past 75 years.

Kirk Wojno said...

I'd rather see Louie then worthless Joey.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Louis Lipps might not be on the Steelers All-Time team, but he's deifinitely one of the top 33 commentors on this site.

GMoney said...

I'd like to see the top 33 Pirates of the past 20 years. That would be intense.

Justin_B said...

Wow... The 1970s starting lineup with some current players added. How original.

I love the Steelers, but everyone knew how this list was going to turn out the day they announced they were doing it.

How about a list of the Steelers biggest busts over the past 75 Years.

1. Bubby Brister
2. Alonzo Jackson
3. Troy Edwards
4. Chad Scott
5. etc...

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The glaring ommission of Louis Lipps is dissappointing to me.

But hey check it out! Elbie Nickel's wearing one of those fancy "alternate" jerseys we have this year!!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

BTW, where's Adam?

We need someone to come in here and bring Penn State into something that has absolutely nothing to do with Penn State.

I miss that.

AJ said...

He's still glowing because Jack Ham and Franco Harris made the list.

Other than the glaring omission of Mr. Lipps (the phrase "the crowd isn't booing, they're Lou-ing" was created for him for crying out loud)... I have a bone to pick with Tunch Ilkin being included.

For a guy that was around as long as him, he was mediocre at best. His biggest accomplishment as a Steeler was tipping off opposing defenses as to whether a run or pass play was coming by his stance before the snap.

I guess free agency ruined Leon Searcy and John Jackson's chances of making this list.

Unknown said...

Carlton Haselrig? Huey Richardson? Jamain Stephens? justin_b, I am disappointed.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Know who I liked?

Yancey Thigpen.... at least until I heard some story about him being an asshole or something.

They should make a special free agency "33 best guys that played for the Steelers, were pretty decent, but had brief Steeler careers".

You'd have Thigpen and an aging Terrence Mathis at WR (am I the only person that remembers Terrence's 2002 cup of coffee with the Steelers? Wait.. maybe that was Herman Moore, I forget).

Kevin Greene, Kendrell Bell, and Chad Brown at linebacker (bonus points to Chad for making a late career Stiller cameo last season).

Leon Searcy is a lock of course.

Duce Staley at running back for his awesome 7 game rushing contribution in 2004, followed by his 2 1/2 season long sweatpant modeling contribution.

Tim "The Bus Driver" Lester at FB.

Eric Green at tight end (he left cause of free agency.... right?).

Any other suggestions?

Unknown said...

Where in the hell is Heath Miller???!!

Unknown said...

Where in the hell is Heath Miller???!!