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--The Pirates make it official: Neal Huntington will try to fill the big shoes of Dave Littlefield as their next GM.
--I forgot to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. I hope you didn't. Luckily, Bugs and Cranks was there to bail us both out.

--Here's some pics of the Pirates hazing their rookies. As if being a Pirate wasn't already considered hazing.

--And now some pics of the Yankees hazing their rookies, proving you don't have to lose 15 straight years to pick on the new guys.

--I know this was from last week, but since I didn't get to bring it up, check out what I think is the coolest autograph ever given by a player. Unless you're a Red Sox fan.

--One of my favorite sports is looking back at the "experts" picks after all is said and done, so I really enjoyed this article. Steve Phillips was the worst, you say? I find that impossible to believe.

--Mike Tomlin: a perfect record, and hotter than Mike Nolan.

--Nothing says fashion statement like a misspelled, Alex "Rordiguez" WBC jersey.

--Oklahoma State Coach/Raving Lunatic Mike Gundy explains himself.

--If you missed the classic one-hour Family Guy "Star Wars" episode on Sunday night, fear it is, in its entirety and in highlights.

--You think gangs are bad in the U.S.? Check out South Africa, where they deal with gangs of outlaw baboons, responsible for break-ins that caused thousands in damages.

Top 10 NFL Stadium Anthems That Must Be Retired (Don't worry, "Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go" missed the cut)


hashmoney said...

youtube cleaned up the clips after fox declared copyright infringement

Anonymous said...

Top song in need of banishment from an NFL stadium:

"Fly, Eagles, Fly!"

Let's face it, this song showed up around 2001, right as the Eagles soared to respectability. It has none of the tradition of "Hail to the Redskins" or "Bear Down, Chicago Bears," and it also lacks the ability to will its team to a Super Bowl victory like the other two songs did.

On that note, does anyone know why the Rooneys banished "The Polka" from Steeler games around 1980???

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The Rooneys are probably in cahoots with the guy that wrote the "Here We Go" song back in the 90s.

That's why they're trying to make us all forget the polka, which let's face it, is far superior to "Here We Go" in every way.

vinnie said...

BLASPHEMY!!! Calling John Belushi's Samurai one of the top ten most annoying SNL characters is shear blasphemy!!!