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  • Some good 2007 Steelers Preview on Deadspin is scheduled to run today, August 20. There's a good chance that I'll be in a meeting when it goes live, but you can go to, probably in the early PM, to check it out. I must warn you: it's a lengthy read. UPDATE: Word from Deadspin HQ is that it will in fact run on Wednesday. We had to do a little revision concerning one Mr. Steely McBeam.
  • Some more good news: Michael Vick will plead guilty to federal dogfighting charges. ESPN's Lester Munson does an excellent job of breaking down the case as it stands now.
  • Two WVU Mountaineers are charged with stealing a computer, presumably to track themselves in Power Rankings and polls each week.
  • ESPN describes Pitt freshman OL Chris Jacobson like this: "The 6-foot-3, 285-pound Jacobson, a left guard from Pittsburgh's Keystone Oaks High School, was considered one of Pitt's top recruits. He was challenging for a starting job, a rarity for a freshman lineman." Sounds great, right? Not so fast. Jacobson dislocated his kneecap on Saturday, and it looks like he'll probably miss the entire season. Between this and the Pat Bostick drama, I'm guessing Dave Wannstedt has had more than a few sleepless nights lately.
  • More Michael Vick: is he going to Hollywood?
  • Post Game Heroes breaks down the Steelers' O-Line play against the Redskins unlike any website has ever done.
  • It's Little League World Series time, so you know what that means...a vintage retrospective on LLWS Hero Lloyd McClendon.
  • Any Browns fans plan on attending the Babe Ruth Museum's "Celebration of Art Modell"?
  • Here's a hot piece of memorabilia: the dual-signed Darryl Strawberry and Jason Giambi "Everyone Deserves a Second Chance" baseball.
  • Pittsburgh represents itself well as #11 on's list of America's Most Unhealthy Communities.
  • Ever seen the Donkey Kong "Kill Screen"? Neither have I. Why not? Because it's only happened four times. Ever. And here's video.


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vinnie said...

That Donkey Kong video is perhaps the most anti-climatic thing I've seen since Kordell appeared on Pros vs. Joes.

GMoney said...

Thanks for the link, Raul!!!

Anonymous said...

Just can't sit through that D0nkey Kong video. I gave it 60 seconds but that's all I could take.

Besides, when it comes to video games, all I have to say is...

007 373 5963

Dirty Sanchez said...

On my deathbed, I'm going to rue the 5 minutes and 40 seconds I wasted watching that Donkey Kong video.

That and marrying my ex-wife.