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--Here's a rare Mondesi's House mention of the X Games. Last night, Jake Brown fell 50 feet in the air and landed on his back. And then he walked away.

--The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is honoring an outstanding human being...Michael Vick. Seriously.

--Walt Jocketty as CEO of the Pirates? It makes too much sense to happen.

--If you're looking to buy tickets to see Sid and Co. in the new arena, you're going to have to wait until 2010.

--Not surprisingly, the Pirates' proposed deal of Nady for Jeter and A-Rod fell through. takes a look back at the Brady Quinn of the 90s: the AL Shortstops.

Where's Polcovich?

--An underrated Steeler QB has a new foundation. And no, it's not the Brian St. Pierre Foundation.

--I'm more impressed by this graphic that I saw on the same page. 50,000 items?

--This anti-Steelers post on a Bengals message board has a great title.

--Last night, with Barry Bonds in town, the Dodgers had a steroids awareness clinic.

--AOL gives us their 2007 preview of the Fighting JoePas.

--Reader Mike shares this idea: "I've been reading about this site in the UK where people can buy a share of a trustand they'll use that money to buy a soccer club in the UK and givethe members of the group the ability to vote on players, coaches,transfers, etc. Wouldn't it be great if we could do this for the Pirates?"

Good idea, but the Nuttings aren't giving up their prize-winning cash cow anytime soon.

--Welcome another Pirate-bashing website to the world: Good For Nutting.

--Lane Garrison of TV's Prison Break is going to prison. One naturally assumes the prison will be guarding against his attempted escape.

--Don't call police for help. This Louisiana village's only patrol car is broken.

--Dave Chappelle favorite R. Kelly is going to trial.

The Ten Stages of Athleticism

Notice the unusually toned forearms. Steroid user?

Top 11 Reasons Why Brady Quinn is Right to Hold Out for Top 10 Draft Pick Money

Just think, Buddy: that was BEFORE the Bret Michaels shot.


Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Boy do I hate the X-Games. And the Flying Tomato. And Sal Masekela. That is all.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Love skateboarding, used to do it all the time... hate the X-Games. But that was pretty sweet.

And wait... that thing on the Bungle message board was about Odell Thurman and Michael Vick. What did the Steelers have to do with it?

I swear, the Bengal fans will blame EVERYTHING on the Steelers if given the chance.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I wouldn't put it past ESPN to pay that nutjob a load of cash to nearly kill himself.

Think about it....had you EVER heard ANYONE talk about the X Games before today?

Unknown said...

That R. Kelly can write a love song about anything, you have to think that is he ends up in prison, however, he may be on the other end of the golden shower.