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Mondesi on DVE

Just wanted to make a quick mention, I'll be on the WDVE Morning show tomorrow (Friday, August 24) at approximately 7:40 AM EST to talk about the Steelers and my 2007 Steelers preview.

You can listen live on 102.5 FM, and for those of you out of town, you can listen live on the internet. Just click on the "listen live" icon and you're all set - no registration necessary!


Anonymous said...

The guy in the awful black button-down collar shirt wearing the Bill Cosby tie is in need of some serious fashion assistance.

Someone please point him to the nearest Hills.

tecmo said...

Hahahaha or Horns

Unknown said...

Kenny, your use of the french flag tells us everything we need to know about you. Adam, meet kenny melvin, kenny melvin, meet adam.