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A Bad Night All Around



Last night was a Steeler gamenight I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Was it the inspired punt return of Willie Reid, who was called out by Mike Tomlin earlier in the week for his, shall we say, "sucky" play? No. Was it watching Gary Russell and Verron Haynes tote the rock a combined 34 times? Nope, not that either. It was my pregame dining experience, which had a distinct Steeler flavor.
I went to a local fast-food eatery to pick up some dinner before the game. Due to the three Diet Pepsis I consumed during the day, I felt the need to empty my bladder before I placed my order. While in the restroom, I witnessed a 20-ish Steeler fan emerge from the bathroom's lone stall and roll right out the door without washing his hands. Why did I notice this, you ask? Because he was wearing a Ricardo Colclough jersey. Let me repeat that. He was wearing a Ricardo Colclough jersey. How odd that sight is should go without mention.

I walk out of the restroom (washing my hands, mind you), and then place a fairly large order. As I then take a gander behind their counter, guess who I see touching everyone's food with no gloves? Yep, Mr. Colclough Fan!
I'm sure some of you have seen the Seinfeld episode ("The Pie") when Jerry goes to Poppy's Restaurant, watches Poppy use the facilities and not wash up, then looks on as Poppy tosses Jerry's pizza dough in the air with the very same hands. Yes, I was having my own Poppy's moment.
My only option was to cancel the order and inform the cashier that there was no way I was eating that food. Sadly, I was forced to take my business to Wal-Mart for some frozen pizza, having lost my appetite for fast food. Of course, I was nearly cut down in the parking lot by a busy Wal-Mart customer who felt that taking a glance in his rearview mirror while backing up was a task he couldn't be bothered with.
Needless to say, I was in a great frame of mind to take in three hours and 141 yards of total offense. Wow. Few times does a game live down to my expectations, but this game pulled off that feat flawlessly. The sad part is that 72,267 suckers paid good money to see the black and gold achieve 10 first downs and 23 yards passing. Oh well, at least Mike Tomlin now knows who players #51, 52, and 53 on his roster will be this year.
In other, more relevant Steeler news:
--Ron Cook says the Steelers need to sign Alan Faneca
--One of my favorite comedic actors, Paul Rudd, shares his Steeler memories with the PG
--Guess what? Brian St. Pierre is eligible for the practice squad for the 18th time. Well, not 18. But close enough.
--Fanhouse predicts the final Steeler roster. Don't read this, Verron.
--In one of the Mondesi fantasy leagues yesterday, someone picked Willie Parker #2 overall. And no, it was not me.