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"I'm not telling a story. I'm reporting the news."
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--The red-hot Buccos drop their 3rd straight after the All-Star break to Atlanta. So much for that pre-All Star break momentum. And what a homecoming for Adam LaRoche! That guy should be on suicide watch.
--Bob Smizik says the Pirates are neither buyers nor sellers at the deadline this year, while Dejan Kovacevic's article makes it sound like they could be buyers or sellers. If I've learned anything over the years, it's that the trade deadline is Dave Littlefield's time to shine, so let's just trust that he'll do the right thing.
--Speaking of Who's Now?, even Newsweek is taking a shot at it, in this thought-provoking piece on the WorldWide Leader.
--Scouts Inc. ranks NFL teams by strength of their quarterbacks. Lets just say they like Big Ben more than Peter King.
--An ESPN banner signed by such luminaries as Colin Cowherd and Mike Greenberg sells for a mind-blowing $426 in the V Foundation Auction.
--Hey, the USA managed to win the American Football World Championships this year in Japan! Good thing, because if we start losing at football in international competitions, then I'm really going to be depressed.
--Interesting article chronicling the rise and fall of The Simpsons. A tad on the harsh side.
--New words in the 2007 Merriam-Webster Dictionary include crunk, ginormous, and smackdown.
--The Artist Formerly Known as Prince but Is Now Known As Prince Again is giving away his newest CD for free.
--The world's tallest man, a 7'9" Chinese dude, marries a 5'6" woman in a huge Mongolian ceremony.


Anonymous said...

Man Vs Wild is hands down the best show on TV. Bear Grylls is officially a lunatic. I watch the new episodes every FRI night at 9pm. No matter what's going on that night, it has to wait until Bear drinks his own pee, eats a sheep's eye ball, builds a shelter out of moss & leaves, then hitchikes his way back to civilization.

Looking at TV from the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, I actually tuned in to the ESPY's last night. For about 4 seconds.

It was a very slow night on TV, so I decided I'd at least see what this year's show was all about.

During the 4 seconds I tuned in, I saw a clay-mation Stuart Scott yelling "Boo-Yah!" as he reigned blows upon what appeared to be a clay-mation LeBron James.

Hey - you tune in to the ESPY's, you get what you deserve.

Have I ever mentioned on these boards that I hate ESPN?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Rickey Henderson is now officially the greatest of all time!

Not just at baseball, but basically at life in general.