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The WALKOut and Your Recaps

The hot story in Pittsburgh these days is the upcoming WALKOut, set to go down on Saturday night. Why do I call it the WALKOut? Because fans are planning to leave Saturday's Bob Walk Bobblehead night early. I think the fans are making a statement: they are sick and tired of Bob Walk.

I'm trying (and failing) to be funny, but in all seriousness, the real walkout is starting to really pick up steam. With the Pirates' decision to issue a ban on team-related media coverage of the walkout and their subsequent censorship of anything walkout-related on, they've done nothing but give the walkout credibility. While I don't think that Saturday's events will change Pirates' decision-making in any way, shape, or form, at least someone's trying. It's time for some accountability, not more excuse-making from the spin doctors that reside at PNC Park.
On the other hand, I hate to see the hard-earned cash of thousands of Pittsburghers go into the hands of the McNutting group in the form of tickets and concessions. Let's face it: this walkout is going to cost fans a lot of money once it's all said and done.
I'm already getting the emails about Saturday, so I'll throw it out there: if you're attending the walkout game and wish to share a recap, photos, or anything else of interest, please feel free to send it over, a la the excellent Pirates at Yankees recaps you did. Once I gather them together, I will post a compilation of everything that's come in. And if anyone spots Ronnie Florian at the game, pull him aside, inform him of his cult status on the internet, and take a pic.
Protest News [The Parrot]


Anonymous said...

Love the mullet on the Bob Walk bobblehead.

(Sadly, the Pirates don't realize the whole bobblehead thing ended about 6 yrs ago...which is the same lapse time they ignore when signing free agents, so that makes sense.)

I am 100% in favor of the walkout and only wish I could be in attendance this wknd (wearing a "FIRE MILLEN" shirt, of course, as a tribute to the walk-out ahppy Detroit Lions fans).

It's unfortunate to know that this won't change a damn thing, but hopefully it will cast some shadow of embarrassment over the current administration.

Knowing them, they'll dub those who participate as the vocal minority, in keeping with the Pirates "out of touch" theme.

Lastly, I love how Bob Smizik is writing 3 articles a week just BASHING the Pirates. He even has the nerve to report it like its news! Kinda like the Washington Post breaking a story that reads, "President Bush's approval ratings take a tumble" -- no shit?

Briwatt said... will be dispatching on site reporters to cover the WALKout and the ensuing riots that will follow.

The Orwellian blackout attempt by the Bucs Top Brass is the latest in a long string of hijinks that should no longer be accepted. In my humble opinion, the only thing left to salvage this season is to, in fact, re-sign Randall Simon