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A recap of your favorite links, named in honor of Mike Tomlin
"I'm not telling a story. I'm reporting the news."
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--Make your vote count in Doubt About It's Pirate Hall of Shame Ballot

--Weigh in on the upcoming McClatchy Dynasty T-Shirt. Good to see Raul was one of the first two chosen.

--MSNBC tells us how the NHL must capitalize on Sidney Crosby, because they obviously haven't figured it out yet.
--Anytime an article starts like this: "A firefighter who exposed himself at a Steelers game and fought with the police officers who arrested him...", I'm obliged to link to it.
--Journalist Adrian Dater reams ESPN and Bill Simmons. On an anger scale of 1-10, he's a solid 18.
--Could there be larger nets coming for an expanded NHL?
--Fox Sports gives us a yawn-worthy Baseball All-Gall Team. Honestly, is it necessary to continue to bring up John Rocker all these years later?
--Here's an NY Post story about Oliver Perez being so good, the Mets don't even need Pedro Martinez back in the rotation. "You look at him now and you wonder how a team could have given up on that," Tom Glavine said.
--Chris Hoke just got PAID
--Here's an update on Dave Dameshek's Steel Curtain Statues petition.
--From West Coast Pittsburgh Correspondent Beej in LA: McClatchy Company director and CEO of the Pittsburgh Pirates Kevin McClatchy took a minority stake in adult social network, joining entities such as Allen & Co., Hearst, McGraw-Hill and the American Public Media Group.
--For the time-impaired, here's every Rocky movie in five seconds.
--Ever wonder the process after you lose 400 pounds? Here's a photo journal:

-Go Magazine's Top 20 Pittsburgh Media Celebs. Mark Madden #1!
-SnagWire's Most Entertaining Sports Fights ever (with video), including Miami-FIU, Pistons-Pacers, and Knicks-Nugs


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Damnit Raul!!

I was eating my breakfast when I saw the picture of the guy with the floppy skin!!

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Next name on the McClatchy Dynasty tee shirt? Milton Bradley, thank you.

BWB said...

Ron Cook. Is there a list, is there a name for this man?

BWB said...

Ron Cook. Is there a list, is there a name for this man?

Unknown said...

Matt Lawton, to borrow from Gene Collier, proof that steroids do not help you catch or throw a baseball.

Anonymous said...

The Bucco-Sucko list is great entertainment. "Brant Brown" made me choke on my dinner. As did seeing Chad Hermansen's lifetime batting average was only .195

Glad to see someone else take ESPN to task for CLUTTERING UP AND WHORING OUT THE SPORTS UNIVERSE.

And this Fresh Prince bit is very strange and utterly hilarious.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I saw 1408 last night.

I can confidently say that flappy skin guy up there is much scarrier than anything in that movie.