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A recap of your favorite links, named in honor of Mike Tomlin
"I'm not telling a story. I'm reporting the news."

--Derek Lowe took a no-hitter into the 7th, but somehow the Pirates ended up scoring five runs. Don't worry...they still lost.

--Bob Smizik pushes for a Mario Lemieux statue outside the new Pens arena. It's rare that I agree with Smize, but he's absolutely correct on this one.

--Why do the Pirates stink? Other than all the obvious reasons, how about the fact that they've had 13 runners thrown out at third or home already?

--The Steelers re-sign one of Pittsburgh Magazine's 25 Most Beautiful People, Verron Haynes. Oh, he's also a running back.

--Remember Chris Shelton, destined to be another one of those "Pirates that got away" last year? Well, he's not exactly tearing it up in the minors. And judging from his picture, he probably won't ever be nominated for Toledo's 25 Most Beautiful People, either. Our emailer suggests a resemblance to Sloth/Gorzo:

Verron Haynes, they are not

--While his coach is sitting atop a chopper, Penn State QB Anthony Morelli is out catching a 40-pound, 44-inch catfish.

--The Perfect Pirates Lineup? Probably not possible with this group. But Rizzo Sports does an admirable job of putting one together.

--That Sidney Crosby rookie card sold for $13,601. Top that, Ovechkin.

--Here's a great video of an eephus pitch in a minor league game. Maybe the Buccos should try this now and again?

--Yankees at Pirates in 2008? It could happens, says Dejan Kovacevic. (You have to scroll to the third story down the know, after Dejan talks about the Pirates trading for talent at the deadline this year).

--This flew under the radar, but Ian Snell just became a 20-game winner...for his entire career.

--ESPN names their choices for best defensive player in the NFL. Funny, I don't see the name "Polamalu" anywhere...

...and then the WWL redeems themselves with their proclamation of Aaron Smith as one of the Best Players You've Never Heard Of. Unfortunately, most of you have probably heard of him by this point.

--Meet Yankee radio announcer Suzyn Waldman, "the face that launched 1,000 perverts"

--We knew Sidney Crosby becoming a captain was good for the Pens, but here's a case that it's good for the NHL as well.

--Save up your allowances, the much-hyped Apple iPhone arrives June 29.

--A 65-year-old Polish man awoke from a 19-year coma recently. His first words: "The Pirates have had how many losing seasons since 1992?"

--Ever been at a graduation where they tell you, "No cheering for any individuals"? Well, that was the rule at this school...and five students didn't get their diplomas because of their respective cheering sections.

--From the Classic Video Vault: Mr. T. sings a song called "Treat Your Mother Right". This would make a great forward to anyone out there who forgot to give their mom a Mother's Day gift. Or not.

--This video is simply unreal. Rapper Akon spots a guy throwing something on stage, gets the guy on the stage, picks him up over his head, then throws him into the crowd. The concertgoer is probably thrilled at the turn of events, given that he more than likely just became a very rich man if he knows an attorney.


apk said...

Smizik's still a hack. Like there's anyone in the city that doesn't think the arena should have a statue in front of it, and that it should be of Mario? That was a trite, canned piece that proves only that he had a long weekend.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

2 statues in the new arena.

One of Lemieux picking up the cup, like in that famous picture.

One of "Badger" Bob Johnson with "It's a great day for hockey." inscribed on the base.

I also propose a "Last Supper"-esque painting in the main lobby. It'll be a painting of the "last negotiations" for the new arena.

The picture will feature Lemieux and Dan Onorato negotiating, while Ed Rendell dozes off on a couch in one corner watching the Flyers game, and Ravenstahl plays his PSP in the other corner.

Unknown said...

If our mayor actually played a PSP, he would automatically get my vote. And referring to Smizik, has anyone seen my out-of-touch local sportswriter?

Anonymous said...

1. Here's ESPN Eric Allen on Chump Bailey: "What really sets him apart, though, is his play in the red zone. Opposing teams simply can't throw to his side because he's so good and almost always gets his hands on the ball."

I guess Eric wasn't watching when future HOF'er Cedric Wilson undressed Bailey in the AFC Championship game in '06.

2. If the iPhone is as reliable as the iPod (meaning you'll have to replace it every 14-16 months), then I'm buying TWO of them at $599 each!!!

3. Akon also paid for college for that group of 7th grade girls he hit with his hurled heckler.

4. I've been to Toledo. Chris Shelton probably comes in around 23 or 24.