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The News: The Year's Best

In honor of the one-year mark, here's some of the most entertaining links you've uncovered in the past 12 months. Enjoy not working this afternoon.

--The rare "Five-Star Mondesi Recommendation" goes to this site, which features the YouTube clips of each Rocky fight sequence, including the fatal Drago-Creed bout in Rocky IV. counts down the 9 biggest wusses in rock today

--Some info we could all use...what to eat and what to avoid at midnight.

--The amazing quirks of Gilbert Arenas, gathered together in a neat little website. My favorite: During halftime of Washington Wizards games Gilbert Arenas sits at his locker and plays video poker.

--Maxim counts down the 10 worst arenas in the U.S., and Mellon checks in at #8.

--A Q&A with Aaron Gray. Gray said he looks forward to making millions of dollars, buying a Bentley, and spending lots of time with groupies. Or not. I guess you have to click the link now.

--The trailer for Seinfeld: The Horror Movie is finally up. A masterpiece.

--Terry Bradshaw hits a woman in the face with a football during a Fox pregame show. Joe Buck makes a joke. That was a disgusting act.

--Dozens of your favorite 1980s video games, available to play online! Frogger, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Centipede, so many more! If you weren't being productive by reading Mondesi's House, you'll be even less productive after checking out this site.

--Best Pittsburgh athletes "By the Numbers".
--This site has soundboards for just about every TV show, movie, and cartoon you could ever imagine: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Borat, Howard Stern, Dane Cook, Mr. Rogers, Chris Farley...the list goes on and on. Amazing stuff.

--The tale of the tape: Borat vs. Boras

--Brangelina made a Pitt Stop in Fayette County this weekend. They did not hang out with Sienna Miller.
--Now presenting the Playstation 3...Grill?'s story on the Leon Washington middle finger rookie card. This generation's Billy Ripken F-Face. I'm certainly hoping this will get kids interested in cards again.
--Ever want to build Ohio Stadium out of Legos and wonder how long it takes? We now have an answer: 2 years.

--The Top 10 Creepiest Mascots are counted down. Not surprisingly, The King makes an appearance.

--A tribute to Herbert, arguably the funniest character on Family Guy.

--I've become a very tough judge of comedic talent. There seems to be a lack of quality material these days. But after witnessing Mad TV's Aries Spears' rap impersonations on Conan O'Brien last week, I laughed out loud. I couldn't find the Conan appearance, but I did manage to dig up Spears doing his thing on BET. He does dead-on impressions of LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, DMX and Jay-Z in the span of a few minutes. This is my five-star recommendation. You must watch this video.
--On the topic of baseball cards, Joe Sports Fan has a great article on former Home Shopping crazyman Don West. You know, the guy who tried convincing you at 2 AM to buy that Gem Mint 10 of Derek Jeter? In the article, the author references an occasion when West accidentally knocked a box of 3,200 baseball cards on the floor in the middle of a sales pitch. Always the master of improv, West then "swam" in the cards, as only he could. He explained that he used to swim in piles of cards as a kid. Alas, here is said video of Don West swimming in a pool of overpriced cardboard.


Anonymous said...


The day the "Joey Porter's Pit Bulls Ate a Horse" story was a pretty big day on this site.

In fact, with Joey now playing in Miami, what Steeler's dogs would be most prone to eat/maul a horse?

(Michael Vick is not the answer I'm looking for.)

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I have that answer Cecil and it is unequivocally going to be Verron Haynes. He has more pitbulls than Ole Number 7 in Atlanta. I pray that he isn't using them the same way but I'm not confiednt that's the case.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I remember watching a show that Big Boi from Outkast was being interviewed on.

He was talking about how he owns a pit bull breeding kennel and when they asked him about famous people that had bought dogs off of him he named Verron Haynes.

I was shocked! I mean, I didn't know Verron Haynes actually qualified as famous.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats Clinton Portis' statement about the dogs being the propery of Mike Vick and how he can do with them what he pleases.

Unless, of course, you take into consideration, Commissioner Goodell's comment about being sorry and embarrassed for Clinton Portis.

Or Verron Haynes.