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The News: Saturday Edition

A recap of your favorite links, named in honor of Mike Tomlin
"I'm not telling a story. I'm reporting the news."

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--Ever wonder how personal stories make it to the mainstream? Follow the evolution of an internet story. Thought this was interesting:
June 18 - Chris from Seattle emails me about "Cheap Sexson Mondays", a Seattle promotion built around the struggling, $15.5 million first baseman.
June 20 - I mention "Cheap Sexson Mondays" after Richie hits his second homer in as many nights against the Pirates.
June 21 - The site With Leather picks up on our Cheap Sexson Mondays email and mentions it to their mass audience.
June 22 - Philly-based site The 700 Level notices it and concocts a similar plan around their .207-hitting, $13 million man, Pat Burrell.
June 22 - mentions The 700 Level's article and how they suggest something along the lines of Cheap Sexson Mondays.
Voila! The nation now knows about Cheap Sexson Mondays.
--The Pirates rank a suprisingly-high 21st in ESPN's latest Power Rankings.
--Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies interviews Pittsburgh Passion 1,000-yard running back Fast Torina Henley.
--Dan Kreider is the starting running back on your All-NFL Underrated Team.
--Former Central Catholic, Penn State, and Steeler DE/LB Justin Kurpeikis will start in today's World Bowl.
--Bill Simmons breaks down Durant vs. Oden, mentions Teen Wolf for the 1,251st time.
--Ron Cook's dilemma: who to vote for on the Steelers' All Time Team. I expect unblockable punters to garner more than a few votes.
--Looks like Jim Balsillie's going to fail to buy another NHL team. It's a real shame, he's such a nice, honest, likable guy.
--Jordan Staal's rookie card may not sell for the $13,601 that Sid's sold for, but it's at $1,626 and rising.

--"No joke necessary" Department: Coach, 40, Weds 16-Year-Old Student

--Braces yourself for the newest Indiana Jones flick.


The 2007 AFI list of top-100 movies. Surprisingly, Sudden Death is unranked.

Top 10 Things That Have Tried to Destroy Planet Earth

The Top 10 Lebron James dunks


Free Pacman said...

Gigli and From Justin to Kelly didn't make AFI's list? I'm shocked.

Unknown said...

R. Kelly's Trapped in a Closet deserved an honorable mention.

Anonymous said...

What make you more of a hick:

Naming your daughter "Windy" or allowing her to marry her high school track coach while she's still in high school?