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John Steigerwald Had the Pornstache in '81

The Darn News just sent over this wonderful bit of Pittsburgh sports history - a 1981 promo clip from WTAE featuring John Steigerwald as a Pirate, Steeler, Penguin, Panther, and any other jock you could ever imagine.
It's entitled "The Ultimate Sports Guy", and it's probably the best way to spend 28 seconds on a Friday afternoon. Be sure to check out the attached article/rant from The Darn News for maximum enjoyment and more vintage Pittsburgh news videos. Where have you gone, Hank Baughman? (Well, he's actually the news director at soft-rock station Wish 99.7, if you really want to know).

Friday Porn: who knew John Steigerwald was so buff? [The Darn News]


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

See, Steigerwald had a porn-stache in 81, but that was when they were in style.

The fact that he continues to have one to this very day, now THAT'S dedication to the porn-stache.

Anonymous said...

I remember this from when I was a kid. Thought it was pretty cool actually....I'm embarrassed to say.

The uniforms...not the 'stache.

Unknown said...

Jesus Christ, what network hasn't Steigy been on? I expect to pop up doing sports on public access eventually.

gatorB8 said...

Those old news clips from The Darn News are addicting. I think the local news should have "Turn Back the Clock" days just like MLB teams. It would break my attention away from Ken Rice's crazy thick eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

Great clip.