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John Steigerwald Had the Pornstache in '81

The Darn News just sent over this wonderful bit of Pittsburgh sports history - a 1981 promo clip from WTAE featuring John Steigerwald as a Pirate, Steeler, Penguin, Panther, and any other jock you could ever imagine.
It's entitled "The Ultimate Sports Guy", and it's probably the best way to spend 28 seconds on a Friday afternoon. Be sure to check out the attached article/rant from The Darn News for maximum enjoyment and more vintage Pittsburgh news videos. Where have you gone, Hank Baughman? (Well, he's actually the news director at soft-rock station Wish 99.7, if you really want to know).

Friday Porn: who knew John Steigerwald was so buff? [The Darn News]


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

See, Steigerwald had a porn-stache in 81, but that was when they were in style.

The fact that he continues to have one to this very day, now THAT'S dedication to the porn-stache.

Anonymous said...

I remember this from when I was a kid. Thought it was pretty cool actually....I'm embarrassed to say.

The uniforms...not the 'stache.

Brad said...

Jesus Christ, what network hasn't Steigy been on? I expect to pop up doing sports on public access eventually.

gatorB8 said...

Those old news clips from The Darn News are addicting. I think the local news should have "Turn Back the Clock" days just like MLB teams. It would break my attention away from Ken Rice's crazy thick eyebrows.

Matt H said...

Great clip.