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Calling All Bucco Fans in New York

I've received several emails today from readers who plan on attending one or all of the Pirate games this weekend at Yankee Staidum, and they've asked me if I'm interested in any recaps, commentary, or photos from their experience.
My stock answer is a resounding "YES".
You know the style of material I/you like...odd photos, colorful characters, amusing stories...There should be no shortage of that in New York. I'm confident that you're up to the task.
The email address is If we have some success with this, I'll compile everything into a massive in-person recap once the series is over. Many thanks in advance!


Dirty Sanchez said...

This has nothing to do with the Yankees, but I need a spot to vent and this will do (sounds like some of my hookups while single).

Why the fuck is Zach Duke still taking the hill every 5th game? Jesus Christ, we can't find another pitcher to throw BP out there? Jimmy Anderson, Josh Fogg, Steve Blass? Dig up Honus Wagner and make him pitch, anything to keep me from watching Duke throw his weak ass 85 mph shit over the plate and have it get hammered for six innings.


Anonymous said...

I will be there FRI and/or SAT.

The Bucco fans in Steeler gear are already out in force. I saw a guy in head-to-toe Steeler gear, complete with authentic Super Bowl X throwback, on the Upper West Side last night.

I heckled him by telling him I'd rather see the Steelers play baseball than watch the Pirates.

Adam said...

Yo all, I'll be at Shea tommorrow night, seeing as its probably my last chance before they blow it up, and then I will also be there Fri and Sat. This should be fun.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Do you realize that all of the Yankee/Met fans that sit in the same section as Adam this weekend are going to think all of western Pennsylvania has a man crush on JoePa?

Reggie Dunlop said...

I'll be there on Sat. Can't wait to finally see a no-hitter.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I've been to Yankee and Shea Stadium before, I made it to both of them on a trip to New York a few years back.

Not for Bucco games mind you, but it still wasn't bad. I saw the Mets beat the Cubs (I dislike the Cubs more than the Mets) AND I saw the Yanks get beat by the White Sox.

I actually had more fun at Shea, and happened to sit next to a guy from Pittsburgh who was wearing a Bucco hat. He said he was in NYC for college. Some of the seats in Shea are TERRIBLE though.

Yankee Stadium has better seats, but it's kind of decrepit and the people that work there are assholes. And their fans appeared to be the very definition of the "wine and cheese" crowd.

And does Adam live in NYC, or is he just visiting?

Either way, start up a "Let's Go Bucs!" chant on Saturday so we can hear it on TV.

And if the Pirates are getting their asses kicked, just say screw it and start the ol' reliable "Here We Go Steelers!" chant.

If there's one thing all cocky New Yorkers that think their baseball is so great hate, it's when you remind them that they can't hang with Pittsburgh in football.

Anonymous said...


There's a great Penn State bar near Yankee Stadium. Just walk about 5 or 6 blocks up E 161st and ask anyone where it is.

Have a great time.