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Adam LaRoche's Hunting Video

When Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post's D.C. Sports Bog emailed me with this, I couldn't believe it was true. The unintentional comedy scale could possibly go off the charts once this project comes to fruition. Let's go over the ingredients of what he is reporting:
1. Adam LaRoche, .216-hitting first baseman of the Pittsburgh Pirates
2. Willie Robertson, the current leader of the famed Duck Commander clan and dead ringer for former WWF rassler Hillbilly Jim

3. A video featuring Adam LaRoche and Willie Robertson.

Willie Robertson, the current leader of the famed Duck Commander clan of Louisiana waterfowl hunting icons, was in D.C. for three days, conducting business and also hanging out with Pirates first baseman Adam LaRoche and Nats outfielder Ryan Langerhans. He left behind several autographed copies of "Duck Commander: For a Few Ducks More," the company's latest duck-hunting DVD.

That DVD has a 10-minute trailer for next year's "Buck Commander," the first in what's scheduled to be a series of deer-hunting videos that will likely feature, among others, Todd Helton, David Dellucci, Chipper Jones, Mike DeJean, Brad Hawpe, Aaron Cook, Langerhans, LaRoche and several more Major Leaguers. Which is noteworthy.
Wow. I think my head just exploded. Video of Adam LaRoche deer hunting?
Independently, LaRoche had called Duck Commander HQ and requested a hat; the Duck Commander guys had never heard of him, although it would seem that everyone's heard of the Duckmen, who are famous for their huge beards and wild look.
Well, I guess that would explain LaRoche's big, red beard.

"They're kind of the big leagues of duck hunting; any water fowler knows the 'Duck Commander' series," LaRoche agreed.

(For the record, LaRoche has a duck-hunting icon tattooed on his right arm. It's the image of a Drake, which is also the name of his son.)

OK, that's mildly disturbing. Even more...

So Robertson reached out to LaRoche to discuss this deer-hunting project, and the family of players kept growing; the Buck Commander folks have also been in touch with J.D. Drew and Jon Lieber and Aaron Fultz and Roy Oswalt; "pretty much everybody who hunts in the Major Leagues, we've contacted," Robertson told me. They launched the company in the fall and had thoughts of putting out the first feature-length DVD this spring, but decided it would be best to tease it now and come strong in 2008, after a full offseason of taping.

"It's got a chance to be a pretty big deal, and the best part is, the guys that are in it have a passion for hunting," LaRoche said. "Baseball's so short. Later on, [hunting's] something we'll have to play around with."

At his current pace, LaRoche could have plenty of free days for hunting coming up.


Unknown said...

Thing about LaRoche hunting, I can't see him being any good due to the fact that he would probably wake up late and by the time he would actually be in the right frame of mind to hunt well, it wouldn't matter because everything would have been shot already. I just base this on other aspects of his life.

Unknown said...

PS, Any excuse to post the box to the Nintendo Duckhunt game, in all its pixelated glory, is a good one.