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Mondesi's House on the FM Dial

Just a reminder, tonight (Tuesday) I'll be making an apperance on Dave Dameshek's The Sports Contraption, on 93.7 The Zone - Pittsburgh's Man Station. The show runs from 7-10 PM, and I should be on at about 7:45.

Our points of discussion tonight include...
--The NFL's offseason crime spree

--The Pirates' red jerseys

--NBC leaving the NHL overtime playoff game on Saturday and switching to a horseracing pregame show

--The NBA draft lottery

--Lebron scoring just 10 points and passing up the last shot on Monday night

--Mike Tomlin's "The News"

--My hatred of the Bengals

--Plus some pop culture goodies including the fixing of American Idol and the reunion of Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher

And remember, you can listen live on The Zone's website.