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Mondesi on the Man Station

Tonight I'll be making an apperance on Dave Dameshek's The Sports Contraption, on 93.7 The Zone - Pittsburgh's Man Station. The show runs from 7-10 PM, and I will appear at approximately 8:20.
We have a long list of things to talk about, including the Steeler draft, Adam LaRoche, Sidney Crosby on Time's 100 Most Influential List, the Cowher Auction, Michael Vick caught in a lie, and much more. Don't forget, you can listen live on The Zone's website. Hope you can tune in!


Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Is there anyways we can listen to this if we missed it?

Unknown said...

i'm in louis's boat as well, started playing beer pong way too early last night

mondesishouse said...

I will check with Dave and see if we can get an audio file. Missing it for a game of pong is an acceptable excuse.