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Timmons To Replace Porter, Buy Pit Bulls


Height: 6-0 7/8 Weight: 234 40-Time: 4.59
The Steelers did not get the opportunity to select Pitt's Darrelle Revis on Saturday, but they did snag Florida State linebacker Lawrence Timmons with the 15th pick in the first round. Caught up in all of the buzz over Brady Quinn dropping like an Acme Anvil off a cliff, Kevin Colbert and Co. were able to remain focused and select the eventual replacement for Joey Porter. Although I can't imagine James Harrison being too thrilled with the pick.
Timmons becomes just the third linebacker the Steelers have selected with a first-round pick in their history, joining Huey Richardson and Robin Cole. Let's hope Timmons ends up more like Cole and less like Richardson.
So let's get to know Lawrence Timmons. Here's some interesting factoids I've been able to uncover so far:
--He is represented by the one and only Drew Rosenhaus. Next question.
--His father, Lindsley Timmons, played basketball at Duquesne University in 1976
--Started 12 games in his FSU career, all as a junior, as he was stuck behind stud LB Ernie Sims on the depth chart
--#4-rated LB as a high school senior by
--Selected Florida State over Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia.
--To the best of my knowledge, owns no pit bulls...yet.
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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wow, the Jets sneaking ahead of us to snag Revis.

That pissed me off. With each passing pick I was getting more and more excited about FINALLY seeing a Western PA kid, who played for Pitt AND was a can't miss prospect actually play for the Steelers.

Northern New Jersey hasn't ass raped Western PA that bad since Rolling Rock moved their brewery there from Latrobe!!!

Rory said...

Clark Haggans is a free agent after this year. So seeing as how its going to be him and Timmons starting on each end in 2008, I don't see how James Harrison cares.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows anything about drafting punters knows that you never draft a punter named after a major thoroughfare in LA.

I hate Mike Greenburg.

Why do the Steelers need another TE?

"The Terrible Fan" always reminded me of "Twinkie the Kid."

This new mascot will scare young children.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


I think it's any good mascot's job to scare young children.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

You know a pick is boring when the 4th comment in the thread is about the new Steelers mascot.


Let's hope Timmons isn't another Alonzo Jackson or Huey Richardson.

Huey was voted the worst 15th overall pick in the history of the NFL draft by a writer from yahoo sports.

matt in dc said...

He's definitely another Huey Richardson. Everyone knows that the Steelers selection of Richardson in 1991 realigned the planets and wreaked all sorts of other cosmic havoc, such that no Steelers Linebacker picked in the first round will ever again be a good player. Never ever ever. It's a fact.

Augie Zybynski -Editor said...

yikes....most running backs are bigger than this guy.
what the hell is 6' 7/8 ?
if he grows another sixteenth of an inch, whats he gonna be, 6'1 or 6' 15/16?