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Plastic Ben and Plastic Sid Are Popular

From my friend over at, home of the original Roethlisberger tracking device, comes this news out of the Upper Deck offices about two of our favorite Pittsburgh athletes:

The much-anticipated Sidney Crosby All-Star Vinyl figures launched this morning at 8:07 a.m. (PDT) and was an instant success. The Upper Deck Store quickly SOLD OUT of its allotment of the Crosby two-pack configuration (white and black unifom versions), and SOLD OUT less than three hours later of its allocation of the single black (home) uniform version as well. Thank you and congratulations to all the timely Upper Deck Store customers who secured their rare versions of the Sidney Crosby All-Star Vinyl figures!

I don't know if buying a plastic Sidney Crosby doll is actually cause for a "congratulations", but apparently, yes, it is.
But on to the rest of the story...old #7 also had a figure released by Upper Deck, and being the competitor he is, his also sold out! Curiously, Upper Deck did not issue a congratulatory statement to all of the black-and-gold-goggled fans who purchased this little piece of vinyl Ben.

Now that there's a mini Ben figure, internet entrepreneurs can go crazy hawking mini outfits to dress your own version of the Goateed One. Mini Drink Like a Champion t-shirts, Mini Pinstriped Suits with Baseball Caps, and Mini Missy and Carson Daly figures will presumably be the next line of accessories offered for the true Steeler fan.

Update: I stand corrected! As tells me, Upper Deck DID issue a release when Ben's figure sold out in February, rendering my previous pot-shots directed at them useless and uninformed. I apologize to the entire Roethlisberger Nation for this error.

After months of anticipation, the launch of NFL All-Star Vinyl kicked off Tuesday with back-to-back-to-back release days. Exceeding expectations for such a new and different product line, each figure sold out of the Upper Deck Store in just a few hours--capped by Brady selling out in just over an hour on Thursday.


save the steagles said...

Thank god they didn't make Ben's doll during his current chin-fuzz phase. The full beard was a much better look.

Here I was thinking my room could not be beaten with having both Crosby and Roethlisberger Fatheads, but it seems my collection is not complete.

mondesishouse said...

Unfortunately, due to the fact that they're sold out, you're going to have to buy them through action figure scalpers.

Unknown said...

eBay... perhaps MOndesi is a bit familiar with this strategy.. Anyone making a run past Hallmark or trying to get thrown out of ToysRus?