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Going Once, Going Twice...Chin! I Mean, Sold!

It may not be as prestigious as the JFK auction, but if you've always dreamed for your little piece of personal Cowherabilia, I have some exciting news. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Bill and Kaye have 134 lots of Cowher lore going up for auction on April 28 at Dargate Auction Galleries in Point Breeze.
There's virtually no memorabilia on the block, but you can own, among other things, Bill's pool table, a sculpture of Bacchus, and a king-sized bed from the Cowher Estate. The auction house has been working with Kaye Cowher, who gave them one condition: "Don't make it a circus."

No need for this anymore

Bidding will be available through Dargate's website, as well as through eBay. If you're planning on buying a 27" Panasonic TV and VCR set soon, why not wait a few weeks and take your shot at owning Mr. Bill's?


ChrisV82 said...

I've been looking to buy a computer manufactured in 1997 and yellowed from the elements, with a mouse that doesn't work and a keyboard that doesn't respond. I wonder if he's selling that.

tecmo said...

i could totally see bill watching that tv. it just fits

Unknown said...

reading the pg article about this auction made me physically ill. i think this makes the cowhers look incredibly greedy. they don't need the money they will receieve from the auction and they're obviously making sure their name is connected to this furniture to make even more money! either do the auction anonymously or raise money for something worthwhile.