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Cincinnati Hates Colin Cowherd, Too

While listening to Colin Cowherd's radio show today, awaiting a possible apology to (so far, no, nothing yet), he brought up an anti-Cincinnati rant he did a few days ago. Why is this relevant, you ask? Well, the last time I checked, a decent amount of Pittsburghers share some form of dislike for Cincy.

Among the bullet points from his Cincinnati assault:

• "What is it with Cincinnati? ... For how small a city it is, is it me or does Cincinnati have a disproportionate number of bottom-feeders and low-level gutterballs?"

• "Jerry Springer, Pete Rose, the Bengals, Bob Huggins, wild chick on an airplane, Larry Flynt ... They're not serial killers, they just have no class."

• "I mean, I live in a city that's essentially the same size, Hartford. We don't have half the problems, half the weirdos."

• "I mean, it's just boring. People get in trouble. It's just boring."

The Cincinnati Enquirer was all over this, writing an article on Cowherd's rant and stirring up the locals, resulting in "600 or 700 emails" to Cowherd's inbox. Between this and the Big Lead situation, Colin's week has been, shall we say, "eventful".
Today, he reiterated his point, citing the names mentioned above, as well as adding Charles Manson, Marge Schott, and Charles Keating to his list. What, no Nick Lachey?

And to did he leave out Cincinnati's cross-dressing firefighter?


save the steagles said...

Gaining access to the cross-dressing firefighter story was the first good thing to come out of living so close to Cincinnati. You shouldn't have cut him off at the neck though, the bikini really completes the image.

Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan said...

Sadly, I'm pretty sure Colin has the same sentiments towards Pittsburgh as well.

In the past he's gone off on an arrogant rampage, talking about how his show is for the smarter upper class people. The people that live on the coasts. It's not for the dumb booger-eating bottom feeders that live in the rust belt.

The guy is a moron.