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The Afternoon Killer

Clear your October schedules, my friends. The Pirates are 3-0.

The Pirates defend their handling of pitching prospects. Hey, whatever you have to tell yourself.
What's new on the PNC Park menu this season? First Place Fries? World Series Weiners?

Barry hits #735, media reacts as if it were 756.

Darryl Stingley, who was paralyzed by a Jack Tatum hit in 1978, passed away at the age of 55.

Bill Belichick attended the Final Four with a mysterious blonde. Was he inspired by Tom Brady?
Anna "The Cocked Gun" Benson (her nickname, not mine) goes off against gun haters.

I'll just start this link with the first line of the story: "A suspended Toronto elementary school principal has pleaded guilty to throwing feces (excrement) on a child."

The PG tells us that the Pittsburgh region has lost more residents since 2000 than any U.S. metropolitan area except New Orleans, dropping 60,309 people.

Three Six Mafia christened their new digs by peeing on next-door neighboor Jennifer Love Hewitt's lawn.

Here's the 25 Most Awesome Video Game Covers of All Time


Dirty Sanchez said...

That Belichick sure does (allegedly) score a bunch of tail. He must really be an engaging and pleasant person to be around.

I bet the McNuttings will implement an immediate ticket hike if the Buccos string together a couple more wins.

Unknown said...

The view is lonely from the top for us Buccos fans.


BTW, the episode of Three 6 Mafia's reality show featuring them and a few USC song girls is one of the pinnacle TV moments of my young adulthood, absolutely classic.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I find it funny that the Belichick story has been swept under the carpet by the mainstream media.

I totally hadn't heard anything about that until today.

vinnie said...

ALERT: The Bucs magic number is now 159!!!