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Sid is the Best

The Hockey News recently polled 283 NHLers on a variety of hockey-related topics for their April 3rd issue. Some results of interest:

To what city would you least like to be traded?
4) Pittsburgh Penguins 7.2%
Pro hockey players give little regard to Primanti's sammitches and readily available Iron City.

What is the toughest building to play in on the road?
11) Anaheim Ducks and Pittsburgh Penguins 2%
No love for the Mellon Arena faithful, even after Jeff Jimerson fires them up with the National Anthem.

Who is the best player in the NHL this season?
1) Sidney Crosby 56%
2) Joe Thornton 7.7%
I hope they've already started the engraving process on the Hart Trophy.

Who is the most hated player in the NHL?
7) Sidney Crosby 1.9%
Most of these votes probably came in from the Philadelphia precinct.

Which of these under-22 players would you select as a foundation for your franchise?
1) Sidney Crosby 76%
2) Alexander Ovechkin 15%
3) Dion Phaneuf 4%
4) Evgeni Malkin 3%
2 of the top 4...and Staal wasn't even mentioned. I'd call that a solid foundation for the future.

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Paul Rinkes said...

My favorite answers, and I wonder if they were from the same person ...

What’s the worst thing about your job?

14) Protein shakes, watching video, late nights, filling out forms, fighting, autographs, missed childhood, girls, money, Cam Janssen, getting yelled at, pre-game skate, coaches and being booed (1) 0.4%

What’s the best thing about your job?

16) Video Coach, Steve Summers (1) 0.4%