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The Porter Era is Officially Over

First the Steelers parted ways with Bill Cowher. Now comes the release of "their best overall defensive player in the 21st century", as Ed Bouchette called him. Joey Porter was let go by the Steelers today, in a move most everyone could see coming.

Porter was due a $1 million roster bonus and a $4 million salary this year, and when combined with a probable holdout situation, the front office decided that's one distraction the Tomlin Regime could do without.

Porter annoyed many Steeler fans with his never-ending mouth, which at times was very over the top. But there are parts of Peezy that I think fans will miss, such as his pit bulls, the opportunity to see his abs on a weekly basis, and of course, his training camp golf cart.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Fo all the goofy things he would say and do, Joey Porter often made sense, too, such as when he called out Jerramy Stevens before Super Bowl XL.

Joey Porter ... the Voice of Reason. We're gonna miss him.

vinnie said...

And suddenly, all the horses in Allegheny County feel a little bit safer today.

Unknown said...

I will not miss this big mouthed maroon.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I'm gonna be the sentimental one here.

Sure I got tired of his mouth, and yes he was going downhill fast.

But it was a fun ride, and I'll miss Joey Porter.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Ok, so I'm not completely sentimental let me say this...

The best linebacker of the now defunct Cowher-era was not Joey Porter... it was DEFINITELY Greg Lloyd.

I think fans liked Porter so much because we craved someone to fill Lloyd's shoes. But let's be honest, Joey was good, but he wasn't nearly the player Lloyd was in his prime.

Lloyd's decline was due to a bad knee injury, nothing else. If that doesn't happen, Greg finishes up his career as a Steeler and probably goes to the Hall of Fame.

(Note: This comment is in no way indicative of my support for pulling guns on your offspring OR letting your large dogs eat a small horse.)

Jules said...

I can't decide whether I'm sad or not. I think his play this season exposed that he was in decline. He may have still been the team's sack leader but 6 of those came against Cleveland I think.

I always thought he was one guy I wouldn't want on an opposing time but I'm not that worried...Schefter is reporting he may go to that would be interesting.

tbart213 said...

Porter's value was (is?) in his versatility. He was good in coverage and good rushing the passer. Hi smouth didn't bother me except whne it brought a yellow flag. He had a good understanding of his responsibilities, and that was big since he was a key to LeBeau's deceptive hijinks.

All that said, he's 30, he's been shot in the butt, and he's unhappy with a contract that is fairly large for a LB. He may get his money, and more power to him, but releasing him was a good thing for the Steelers. Our options were:
a.) hold out
b.) he shows up and pouts and probably talks a little (?)
c.) release him and move on.

I'll take C and someone can steal a golfcart from SOuthpointe.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

He was good moreso in coverage in the last couple of years I think.

Last year, his pass rushing and run stuffing skills went down FAST.

He could still cover a tight end though.

And this is the last comment on a topic so far down on this page that I doubt anyone will read it.

Anonymous said...

regardless of whatever joey porter is our best linebacker on a thinning core and we can't replace him...there isn't a rookie or a veteran out there that will bring the intensity like that...he is gonna make us pay if we play him trust that and why sign aron smith and not joey porter....sorry help me here...i love the steelers but i hate how they penny pinch...whats going to happen when big ben is a free agent and demands some big money...we loose our best player every yr and its getting sickening if you ask me...

San_Erino said...

^I think it's too bad that the management doesn't like to hold on to players. Except that one quarteback... I do, however, find it funny that people leave for "greener" pastures, and you never hear from them again (Yancy, Carnell, Levon, that OTHER quarterback; one hellva holder). Well, other than Hardy Nickerson, but that was only because of those weird Nike commercials with Dennis Hopper.

/What are the guidelines here for talking sh!t about ex-players? Just wondering.